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  1. I just entered a draw for 3 Pounds of Oracal 651 GrabBag on https://t.co/I0hkOLCPix https://t.co/phBH1uYdPt #win #fishbowlprizes

  2. RT @dirtladyfla: @maggieNYT @JoeNBC Gowdy is up to something. I don't trust him!

  3. @wingingitmotown ????????????

  4. RT @DetroitRedWings: When you play in Chicago and don’t hear that one song. #LGRW ???? https://t.co/HEw5E1e49n

  5. RT @RepWillBailey: Senator Diane Feinstein has bigger balls than all the men in the GOP combined.

  6. RT @JudLounsbury: Trump just appointed this unqualified person to run the Great Lakes region for the EPA-- 85% of America's fresh water sup…

  7. RT @DeanBaker13: Senator Corker does considerably better with the Republican tax bill than a married couple earning $30,000, with two kids…

  8. RT @TheBeatWithAri: "There's a lot of regret" about electing Trump in Michigan - Michigan Attorney General Candidate @dananessel https://t.…

  9. RT @tribelaw: With polls showing most Rs don’t think the Russia probe is justified (!), it’s imperative that people who care about saving o…

  10. RT @MamaBear18: @SenatorCollins @SenateMajLdr Shame on you.

  11. RT @tribelaw: I’ve long believed in and written about “due process of lawmaking.” Subjecting people to a tax law not even written when vote…

  12. RT @DetroitRedWings: How would you and 17 of your closest friends like a suite night for an upcoming #RedWings game, courtesy of Dunham's S…

  13. @FOXSportsDet @RamTrucks #IMWITHDARREN

  14. RT @DetroitRedWings: LARKS!!!! ???????? https://t.co/lob0ONrALs

  15. RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING: A hostage-taking version of CHIP just passed House. It would be paid 4 by 700k low-income ppl losing their insuran…