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  1. Awesome!!
  2. Check my name!!! I Love both of em!
  3. It wasn't his knee...It was his hip...not like it matters. Bettman will rub it for him, directly from the backside.
  4. Lets go guys! JUST WIN!
  5. 've been growin one since late feb'....It's a playoff goatee, worked last year, so i went back to it. I'll snap a good shot tomorrow! A before and after shot. Hopefully with a shot of me and the champagne!
  6. It's TRUE!
  7. This isn't a photo BUT!!!!!!!!! it's damn halarious!
  8. Crosby...Bertuzzi...Pronger....
  9. It sounds like to me that someone forgot to tell you this is the stanley cup finals....you're supposed to wear your big girl undies...(preferably in RED)
  10. Lets Go Guys!!! Hit Em Hard!!! Hit Em Early!!! Score 6!!!
  11. Short and sweet....WE ARE THE REDWINGS!
  12. Ericcson???? #52????
  13. Hard choice....Cleary Or Mule
  14. If we'd all click at the same time...how much fun would that be? We'd destroy and i mean DESTROY everything and everyone in our path's.... Ahh hell, that'd be WAY fun!