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  1. Officiating thread

    Objectivity? You're on a Red Wings board... why would we be objective or neutral? I don't think any of us are impartial as to who wins the Cup? I do think that the Ericsson interfered, I also think Hal Gill interfered all game on Helm. There were a few times he had the puck, but at least one where he was nowhere near the puck. That being said there were non-calls both ways, and I don't particularly think it's a bad thing... I like the open game... LET'S GO WINGS IN GAME 4!
  2. McCollum Watch

    Hey got lit up in that game, which I am VERY happy about as a Spits fan.. not so much as a Wings fan... It is important to keep in mind, though, that Windsor has been ranked 1 or 2 in Canada all year, and has a VERY good team.. We'll see what McCollum can do in Brampton on Friday.. Ken Holland, and the rest of the Wings brass were in attendence in Windsor last night however, along with the goaltending coach and Kris Draper...