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  1. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    It's true! If the NHL itself is trying to use the Duck's uniforms as an excuse for refs losing sight of the puck, maybe the NHL iteslf should DO something about it!!
  2. NHL responds to waved-off goal in Game 3

    I literally don't thinnk that anyone can honestly say that what happened last night wasn't wrong, but instead of beating on that worthless excuse of a ref I think there needs to be some sort of campaign to allow coaching challenges of ref cals just like in EVERY OTHER major sport. The fact that we, with all our modern technology, still go completely on the ruling of very fallible human beings with limited scopes of view to decide the games shakes the very integrity of our sport! Also, 'intent to blow' is bull. There is a wistle for a reason. Play is dead when the wistle sounds. Period. If it's about intention then games would just be called with thoughts. There's a fu**ing wistle for a REASON! If a puck crosses a goal line before the wistle sounds it IS a goal.