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  1. Lidstrom for life

    Lidstrom for life

  2. Lidstrom for life

    Swedish star - Carl Hagelin sign with the Wings?

    Ok a couple things. First I don't know why the Rangers aren't planning on signing him but I doubt he has character issues considering he could have already turned pro but chose to go back to school and finish his degree, plus he is the co-captain of Michigan's team. Second he is not a one way player, he is probably the best defensive forward in the CCHA (yes better than Riley Sheahan). Hagelin would be a great pick up.
  3. Lidstrom for life

    Nobody at the Joe

    According to ESPN the attendance for the 6 game home stand looked like this: Calgary: Attendance: 19,636 (97.9% full) Minnesota: Attendance: 20,066 (100.0% full) St Louis: Attendance: 20,066 (100.0% full) Colorado: Attendance: 20,066 (100.0% full) Edmonton: Attendance: 20,066 (100.0% full) Phoenix: Attendance: 19,207 (95.7% full) Obviously it hasn't actually been 100% full so I assume that ESPN gets these numbers based on the number of tickets sold not actual attendance. I think Theophany is right and most of the empty seats are the ones owned by corporations that go unused.
  4. Lidstrom for life

    Bertuzzi will play tonight

    Babcock said he wants the extra size on the top pair against Getzlaf. Edit: Centerice beat me to it!
  5. Lidstrom for life

    The NHL announces "Homer" rule for WIngs - WTF?

    When I read the title of this thread I thought it was something real, sounds like something the NHL would do...
  6. Lidstrom for life

    I hate shootouts

    Home team picks. Also would they get mad? I don't know the statistics but your odds of scoring on a 5 on 3 are probably about 50/50, some teams might choose to try and kill it.
  7. Lidstrom for life

    I hate shootouts

    I know this would never happen but I think it would be interesting if, instead of shootouts, the game went to a 5 on 3 situation for two minutes after overtime. If you score on the 5 on 3 you win, if you kill the 5 on 3 you win. IMO it would have the same excitement level as a shootout but it would make it a lot more of a team effort. Also I am totally in favor of the 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for an overtime win system.
  8. Lidstrom for life

    How big of a Wings fan is your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other?

    Instead of my girlfriend putting her actual name into my list of contacts when I got my new phone, she put her name as "Zetterberg's Girl" That probably tells you all you need to know.
  9. Lidstrom for life

    Red Wing Fans... Prepare for glory.

    "But don't be shocked if the Wings make another move to secure another scoring forward at a bargain price." I would be pretty shocked if that happened actually. I am not quite sure what the author is thinking on that one.
  10. Lidstrom for life

    Detroit rumor...

    I guess my original post was misleading. By "pretty damn good" I didn't mean Shea Weber, I meant a solid #5 or 6 defender. I am pretty optimistic that if we traded Miller we would be able to either A) trade Miller for that type of guy or B) sign a free agent that fits that bill if we shed Miller's salary. I think I over reacted to the idea that we might trade Miller. It made me sad.
  11. Lidstrom for life

    Detroit rumor...

    I am not saying I expect that to happen I am saying that is the only way I would approve of trading Miller.
  12. Lidstrom for life

    John Madden to Minnesota Wild

    He is signed through the end of next year.
  13. Lidstrom for life

    John Madden to Minnesota Wild

    I would be surprised if the hawks won the central, but I would also be surprised if they didn't make the playoffs comfortably. Turco actually had a slightly better save % than Niemi did last year and they still have the reigning Norris trophy winner leading a pretty solid group of defesemen playing behind those two good lines.
  14. Lidstrom for life

    Detroit rumor...

    If we are shopping Drew Miller we better get a pretty damn good defenseman in return, or sign one with the cap space it opens.
  15. Lidstrom for life

    Willie Mitchell

    I think the argument that we shouldn't sign Mitchell because it takes away Kindl's ice time is pretty weak. Kindl would get plenty of ice time as the # 7 defenseman. In 08/09 Meech and Chelios were the 7th and 8th defensemen and they played in a combined 69 games. Last year we had 7 defensemen who played in at least 48 games. Plus, signing Mitchell might put us in a position where we have enough quality defensemen that we could occasionally rest either Lidstrom or Rafalski on the second night of a back to back. Also, even if we don't sign Mitchell, Kindl could end up being the 7th defenseman anyway behind Janik or a lesser free agent signing.