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  1. Beauchemin a Leaf

    That D is average if you ask me...... good because it's the leafs.. but if that was the Wings D people wouldnt be happy..
  2. Ville Leino signs a 2 year extension

    Yea.. it wont be easy but he probably will do it..
  3. Good News

    Big difference between Lidstrom and Yzerman.. as I said, Lidstrom was just nominated for the Norris... Yzerman could barely stand up in his final years. Yes.. other variables sure, enough so that Lidstrom might make 5-5.5 million.. but 3.5 million is a joke... i dont think management would even allow that to happen if he offered..
  4. Holland IS Searching for a Free Agent!

    lol.. finally someone who realizes this. I would even go as far as saying that Moen isnt even good.
  5. Good News

    Of course he is going to take less... what is in dispute is the posters comment that he will make 3.5.. which is a slap in the face to say the least..
  6. Good News

    If he had showed significant decline sure... but he was just nominated for the Norris... he will not be signing for 3.5 million a year from now.. sorry try again.
  7. Projected '09-'10 lineup

    thats probably why no one listens to you when you speak
  8. Possible Free Agents

    Why does everyone want Travie Moen?? the guy cant even play
  9. Toni Rajala

  10. Mitchell Callahan

    what a waste of a pick
  11. Penguins will dismantle due to cap space

    hahah boo hooo.. f***in stupid european what u know about hockey
  12. The injury thread

    If Datsyuk played the whole series.. we win the cup.. oh well
  13. Don't Be Upset.

    first 45 minutes of every game? bohoo get real pal... it's not easy to win the cup.... we were the better team and should have won.... it doesnt always happen...
  14. Don't Be Upset.

    I agree with you dude.. you can only be judged on your cup victory for one year.. but the franchise success will be determined by what you do in the long run.. we are still the best....
  15. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    yea.. and had the league not changed the rules, we win the series.. what can you do