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  1. Picture from the Statue Of Liberty play

    For all intensive purposes, you are a couple of pedants. It's so much fun to talk about hockey here. So inviting. So friendly.
  2. Lidstrom isn't thinking retirement

    Well, the way he is playing he should volunteer for a big cut so this team has some more space. I'm sorry, but I am disappointed in him this season. Is he our best D? Of course, but as captain and our star player he has to take some responsibility. Proceed with your calling me out for being a bad fan, not appreciating the years of his amazing play, the Cups, the Norris trophies, the nearly amputated ********... he is not playing up to his standards. Even so, I will say this. Once he is gone, if you guys think this year is rough, just wait.
  3. Sick of hearing Sidney Crosby's name

    Well, if this isn't sign of a conspiracy, I had recently cleared my browser cache and history (no, not porn, just keeping things clean) and I go to type in www.letsgo... and the Google type ahead thing fills it in with.... LETSGOPENS! Jesus H Christ, can anything related with hockey and a screen not hype the Pens! I want a melt down. I want Washington to sweep them in the playoffs and hold Crosby scoreless. Not out of hate, but fairness. Let the bright star fall so others can get attention.
  4. Picture from the Statue Of Liberty play

    This was the BEST. You have this arrogant yet ridiculously skilled goalie who has owned us enough times do this absolutely stupid moronic thing (all motivated by his massive ego) leading directly to letting us back in the series and then shelling him to death in the next game where for all intensive purposes the greatest rivarly in hockey in the past 25 years ended. Truly Epic stuff.
  5. Why didn't Jiri Hudler make Czech's Olympic Team?

    I thought the reason was he could get more $$$ somewhere else. Midfly, I don't understand what you mean - what's a challange and cup before christmas?
  6. Should Valtteri Filppula be traded?

    You guys and all this trade talk. I actually dreamt (nightmare) that I logged in here and read we had traded Franzen. So, could you knock it off with all this, you are negatively impacting my sub conscious! :-)
  7. wings affect on everyday life

    For those who want to make sports their life, see the movie Big Fan to see how pathetic it can be.
  8. Brandon Dubinsky calling Sidney Crosby a little baby

    Excellent observation and perhaps one of those Star Trek-esque discoveries of a time-space paradox applied to hockey! If we criticize Crosby, we become more like him and what we criticize...
  9. Should Valtteri Filppula be traded?

    Is this or any of the "logic" demonstrated here at all new to you? I think the mods should post THIS in the stickies. I took a logic and critical thinking course in college - highly recommended and it is easy to spot the all too common logical fallacies in so many arguments, political speeches, news shows or even at work, the dinner table or a party! Alas, it seems most people take the debating class approach and it is not the same thing. Sadly, unless we lived on the planet Vulcan, logic and well formed arguments rarely rule.
  10. Chelios police video

    Yes, but it can be lessened and it has declined - from over 20,000 per year in the 80's to about 13,000 in 2008. That's significant change, but certainly not enough, especially if you are one of those 13,000 or related to them.* You are right to bring up other issues - texting and cell phones, because while progress continues on the drunk driving fatalities, these devices are the cause of new fatalities. It's insane. No stats I can find, and they do not tabulate it yet specifically, but they think that cell phone usage may account for 2-3000 deaths per year. Driving while texting is more "impaired" than most legal drinking blood limits. So, in terms of pure numbers cell/text is not killing as many, but in being just as bad in terms of how it impacts your driving, it is just as bad or even worse. The numbers will get worse before they get better. I have been guilty of all three at one time or another (drinking as a teen) and I have no problems admitting all make me a dangerous driver. My damn Blackberry is super addictive, but I absolutely will not touch it while driving. It's an easy habit to break if you try a little. * annual US stats Oh, on topic, I think Chelios has nothing to be ashamed of in how he acted, but the video is, I am sure, embarrassing to him. Obviously a cop or some police official had a part in this getting out, correct? Who else would have access? The parent address being spoken is awful. Maybe they are in the phone book, but still, not cool.
  11. wings affect on everyday life

    You are right, after all is said and done it is just a game. That's what this place is for. Life is more important.
  12. 2/13 GDT: Senators 1 at Red Wings 4

    That's the thing, we know they can do it, they just have to do it more often! This is not a team that should be losing. Today brought back some pride.
  13. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    I agree on the coaching staff. They need to be under the microscope from management and the press. Nick as a leader with press statements is painful to watch. He is 100% safe and by the book. I think it speaks to his character and personality, but I am yearning for the brutally honest responses of Stevie Y. When things weren't going well, he took the majority of the blame and laid it out that everyone else was part of it too. No way would I want to be a slacker in that locker room after Yzerman spelled it out. Very simply, he got angry and showed it, but not overtly. Do you know what I mean? Yelling and throwing chairs would be far less effective than a quiet leader like Yzerman.
  14. Yep, It's Time.

    My optimism lasted about three minutes. Without some kind of ass kicking sit down for every single player and coach, how are the Wings going to suddenly start playing? We have waited for professionalism and pride too long - something needs to be kick started and HARD! Okay, now I am done ranting. This team is making me schizophrenic! I just can't face it that if we don't make the playoffs, then we can say of the entire team, they are lazy and they suck.
  15. Can the Wings Break out of this slump?

    I have to wonder, do we ever have these guys practice for the shoot out? Do other teams? On topic, after the Olympics will be the real test and indicator for all of us fans. Will they come out with a whole new attitude and focus and play like Red Wings or, will they keep up this whatever this has been.