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  1. Not surprised at all, Hunter did a great job but wanted to be closer to home. On a side note, I hope Semin leaves the Caps. Would do Ovi some good...get him out of this funk. He's been playing alright but the ego is flying high along with the lack of effort I've seen the past few seasons for long stretches. He's an excellent player when he turns it on, when the passion runs hot but he needs someone to push it out of him.
  2. Depends on what he wants..does he want more dough or does he want a serious contender each and every year? I mean, we're not the only contender but we'll see. Making $10 mil a year is great but I would assume that winning at least one cup is more important to a lot of this talent.
  3. Happy to see Lundqvist advance but was pulling for the Caps and Holtby. Hopefully the Caps have found the goaltender of the future.
  4. Nasty hit. Should be gone from the tournament for sure.
  5. Kings win.
  6. Very pleased with this result. Good for Smith.
  7. Edmonton, they need some goal tending to help out their horrible D.
  8. All tied up with 16 min to play.
  9. I think the team plays better in front of Schneider.
  10. Kings win, Kings win!
  11. Sharks are going home!! Now I can stop backing the Blues
  12. Woo 2-1 Lead with 4 min to go. I hope they send the Sharks packing.
  13. Semin is one of the laziest players..kid has skill no doubt about it..but super lazy. Would love Parise and/or Suter.
  14. Where are the mods? Way to ruin a thread for us!