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  2. sherwood40

    Next Number to be retired

    Do anyone think there are any current or past members of the Wings that Detroit would retire there number up into the rafters? Although Zetterberg and Datsyuk are great players and fun to watch are they good enough to be along side Howe, Yzerman, Lidstrom etc?
  3. sherwood40

    The Franzen Hate.

    PLEASE trade or just drop him, I cant stand to watch him skate anymore for our team. Waste of money.
  4. sherwood40

    Red Wings Open House 1/25

    I have 1 ticket left for station "6" and 2 tickets open for "overflow only" will sell all 3 for $60.
  5. sherwood40

    Red Wings Open House 1/25

    I have (2) tickets to the Red Wings Open House this January 25th. You get to go in and get autographs from the players for 2 hours, they also let you skate on the "Joe" and tour the locker room. Each ticket is $50. Send me a PM if interested. I can meet you in Ann Arbor anytime or mail them to you. I average 9-12 autographs everytime I go. If not sold on here I will post on ebay, they are currently on Craigslist also. Hurry before they go.
  6. sherwood40

    Trade with Sabres?

    Would love to see this trade, hard watching Howie get over paid to let in a ton of soft goals
  7. sherwood40

    Blockbuster deal?

    Ryan Miller looks great to me. He would buy enough time before Mrzak comes into play more. Sammy needs to go also.
  8. sherwood40

    Winter Classic WTB

    I am looking for 2 tickets for the winter classic. Please email me what you have and what your asking thanks.
  9. Im not liking the over payment for Howard this season and the length of it. I also think its over due for Detroit to part ways with Fil and Franzen. Bad thing is there is nothing good to get this offseason from the UFA, to get quality players we would have to make some trades. Holland has not impressed me since 2008 Cup run. Abby killed us in game 5 in Chicago, his timing for penalties is really bad, send him to a rival so we can take advantage of his costly mistakes. I also think next year is the last we see Dats in the Winged wheel, so with that 1 more decent year left for a cup run, will we do something with our core to do it then?
  10. sherwood40

    Mr Holland.....

    I predict next year is the year we break our streak in the playoffs. Yes we are finally playing most of our games in our time zone. BUT, all the other teams around us has just re-loaded and re-tooled over the summer and trade deadline, while our GM played bubble hockey with Babcock and talked about grilling some food this summer when they go golfing in Late April. This my friends is the end of a great franchise, back to the "dead wings" we go. See you again in 40 years at the next cup celebration.
  11. sherwood40

    Red Wings open house

    I have 2 tickets to the Red Wings open house for March 30th for sale on ebay right now. You get to skate on the Joe, tour the locker room and get in lines to get player autographs. Message me here or on ebay and if a good offer comes in I will end it early on ebay.
  12. sherwood40

    No need to panic

    After tonights OT loss, Im in panic mood. Not used to watching our team lose like this, last time I seen them play like this was late 80's and i was only 10.
  13. sherwood40

    LGW Contest!

    going with 41
  14. sherwood40

    Johan Franzen wants to 'have more fun'

    I agree with most people on here. He IS capable of scoring 35+ goals a year for this team easily. Look who he skates with, even I could chip in 20+ goals skating with Dats and I don't play hockey. Detroit signed him over Hossa because of money and the way he kicked up 10 notches when the playoffs started. Just like Hudler can't skate or do anything since signing his new contract. But just wait till his contract is up, he will step it up again in the playoffs and help us get back to the Stanly Cup finals.
  15. sherwood40

    Is Rinne Getting Exposed?

    No he is not getting exposed. What we are watching now is a team that REALLY wants to win and get to that next level. The team we all saw from our Wings team, was someone just trying to get ready for a long summer. The Coyotes are showing Detroit the WILL to win. We had loose pucks in front of the net with them, but no one wanted to crash the net. I am rooting for the Coyotes to win because they are working hard in all aspects of the game. They aren't a great team, just a hard working team with a really good Goalie right now.