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  1. The NHL is pleased, of course. We heard nothing but how f*ing great Crosby is, and now we get to hear about it for the next year. I'm not up for watching that guy lift the cup. Congrats to the Pens, and all, but damn.
  2. BF's still got the TV on in the other room. I hate hearing it. They gave the Conn Smythe trophy to MALKIN????
  3. *sigh* It was a pleasure, guys. We'll get it back next season.
  4. This is a wonderful photo... I've always wanted to travel to London!
  5. Game 7 is ours. Go Wings!
  6. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to talk the BF into posing in a photo with me!
  7. Exceptional!
  8. That's hysterical!
  9. C'mon boys, do it again! That was an insane game last night. Keep up the good energy!
  10. The Smack a Penguin had me in stitches ... only could get up to a 9! The Whack a Penguin... I think I got a 316.6 for my highest. Just what I need the night before a Chem final LOL
  11. PS

    It's sad how unappetizing a good hunk of brie is now after this...
  12. Funniest video I've seen in awhile. Thanks for finding that!
  13. What a heart-stopping moment that was. We didn't even see it until they replayed it in slow-motion later on in review. I am so very glad that he was alright and wasn't injured severely. I hope that Eager keeps his skates to himself from now on.