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  1. Last summer I bought two jerseys off of ebay. Both came from China, although the listings both said the seller was located in Canada. Either way, I bought a Datsyuk Winter Classic, and its a piece of crap. I refuse to wear it anywhere. The nameplates, logo, and wc logo are all crooked, and the stitching is terrible. The red band across the jersey doesn't match up on the seams. It just looks bad. The other jersey is an Ovechkin Red Capitals jersey. It is the premier variety, and absolutely beautiful. I wear it probably once a week, and comparing it to some of the "real" premier jerseys, there is no noticeable difference.
  2. I'll be there friday. 10 dollar tickets for college kids... cheap hockey, cheap beer, cheap hot dogs. 3 of my favorite things.
  3. I would have to think a team would move, whether its Phoenix or not. I just don't see more expansion at this point in time.
  4. Wouldn't that basically mean Howard was on his way out?
  5. I think we've known since the mid 90's all three of those guys have cojones. The magic on the other hand is on the Dats-Z line.
  6. I'm pretty pumped for the Griffs game tonight. Especially if there is a stream to check it out with!
  7. Wow, we might be the same person.
  8. My playoff beard became a playoff chin strap. Damn my patchy facial hair growth patterns!
  9. I wish the Colorado rivalry never would have faded out. That was the best. These otehr so called "rivalries" with the Ducks or Hawks are jokes compared to that.
  10. Can't agree with you more wingsownhhl43. Anaheim is a good team, and outside of Detroit I really didn't think there was a team that was going to beat Anaheim in the west. I certainly don't want to underestimate the blackhawks, they have a lot of young talent and Khabibulin is a cup-winning goalie. I say the Wings will win in 5, but it should be a hard-fought series. Go Wings!