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  1. falcon94

  2. BlackBerry Messenger LGW Group

    Just PM'd you! This is a sweet idea
  3. Great picture of Helm

    Ha ok. I actually was thinking the same thing about the photoshop wars, the Helm picture reminds me of the Helm-morphing-into-The Flash picture!
  4. Great picture of Helm

    Au contraire... I am simply sharing some interesting pictures my friend took of our Wings that I thought people on here might like!
  5. Great picture of Helm

    I posted this in Creative and Media Works subforum, but I thought it might get a little more action if I posted it in here. Mods, sorry if that's a no-no, feel free to do what you need to do with this. My friend is a photography student in Lansing, and also a HUGE Red Wings fan. His blog has a great picture of Helm up right now from the Blue Jackets game last week. I really think it captures the essence of Helm. He's also got a pretty amusing picture of Lilja and a great one of Hank from the '08 Cup parade. I think everyone here will enjoy!
  6. Justin Abdelkader Appreciation thread

    I had MSU hockey tickets my freshman year at State, which was Abdelkader's last year. SO awesome to cheer him on at State and now cheer him on as a Wing! He's definitely going to be a fan fav, if he isn't already! GO JUSTIN! I'm lovin' all these new guys!
  7. Great clips over at TSN

    It's in the clip called "Crossing the Floor"
  8. Whos going to the Game 1 or 2?

    Going to Game 1 with my dad My first ever SCF game!
  9. Game 1: Lidstrom will play, Ericsson questionable

    Ericsson is the man! I had an appendectomy 2 years ago and I would not have been okay to play hockey this soon after! Wow!
  10. Help? - Looking for Finals Tickets Presale Code

    Me too pretty pleeeeeeeeease???