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  1. Psychlone

  2. The Wings define team

    They win and lose with dignity and class, the Red Wings are an organization that the Penguins should try to model themselves after. Thank you Red Wings for a great series and thanks to all the Red Wings fans that were cool enough to let me post my drivel here for a few weeks.
  3. I plan on getting hammered but I intend to watch the ceremony regardless of who wins.
  4. A few chuckles not hilarious but worth a quick read.
  5. Respect to Penguins

    Wow, never thought I would see this post from you of all people, lol. Despite the idiotic bluster, myself and other Pens fans have spewed here over the last few weeks, I think it is pretty obvious what kind of organization the Red Wings are and how hard they are to beat. The Wings have my ultimate respect, and if they win tonight, there is no doubt in my mind that they are the better team.
  6. 2009 Free Agent List

    In Case Anyone is interested in perusing:
  7. I can't hate this Detroit team

    I don't hate them either, Hossa is probably the one I dislike the most but hate is definitely too strong a word.
  8. Mr. Hockey having a tough time

    Seems like he has some great family support which is good to see. Props to Mr. Hockey, there's nothing like a Gordie Howe hat trick .
  9. I cringed when he went into the boards last night, that could have been very serious but he got up like it was nothing.
  10. I forgot to mention Filipula also. He has impressed me quite a bit.
  11. The D for Detroit is awesome of course, led by Lidstrom, but the players I mentioned were just ones that either have surprised me or maybe I underestimated a bit.
  12. Darren Helm Appreciation

    I love this guy. Another Detroit stud in the making.
  13. These are just a few guys that I have a lot of respect for and would love to have on my team. Head Coach Babcock- This guy always tells it like it is in the pressers. stand up guy, rarely makes excuses when the team loses, isn't afraid to give credit to the other team. Helm- Wow, this guy is a hitting machine. Would love to have a guy like this. Osgood- Has been incredible the whole series. A Hall of Famer to be sure. Zetterberg- The guy defines 2 way play, definition of a complete player, maintains his composure even when things aren't going well. Franzen- The Mule, there isn't another player like him.
  14. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Great post. I intend to do the same if the Wings win.