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  1. GDT

    and so far the D is doing thier part of the bargain
  2. GDT

    Cannot replace lidsrom with 1 guy. need 2 or 3 to do all the things he did. And I think they are doing it
  3. GDT

    I don't post much, but this defense is just shutting it down..
  4. Cant deny that I missed the first two periods so I have no idea what the penalty situation was. Started watching right as franzen booked one. But when I was watching it pretty much looked like a mugging and Chitown got away with it. IMO anyway for what thats worth.
  5. Exactly. whining to the refs after the fact is gonna be bad for the hawks. Who likes to be second quessed?
  6. Calls will go either way. Just stop with the whining toews.
  7. How Babcock doesn't get the jack adamns I don't know. Haters gonna hate but you can't argue against the results. I do realize that the awards go to the regular season champs....but.....
  8. GDT

    Long time lurker, seldom poster. Beating Dallas to clinch was awesome. Wings are the 7th seed facing the quacks. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Wings still have to travel to the West coast in a best of seven. It's a different beast. But I will say Wings in 6.
  9. I have DirecTV and the sports package. All the games except for your local area will be blacked out. Sucks I know. No sense even getting the sports package IMO.
  10. lgw

    Clearly the guy has been bandwagoning for the Pens. He has no cognitive reasoning behind his spheel. Just vitriol
  11. Brilliant!!
  12. Penalty's swing momentum. Ericssons penaltys were warranted. He needs to learn to throw his big body out there and smash someone. Leave the puck control to the experts.
  13. LOL I knew my semantics were flawed.
  14. This is my first post ever on this site. Now I am a huge Red wing fan. I just wanna point out that Detroit has 11 Stanley Cup championships. That picture only shows ten. Is there one banner missing?