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  1. That's cute - you think we'll win the Cup this millennium.
  2. Sadly we haven’t been elite/contender level since at least 2013 where we almost knocked out the Blackhawks and our defense has seen a very steady decline since Lidstrom retired
  3. Ok Holland, start the fire sale and GTFO
  4. 2/17 GDT - Red Wings @ Predators - 8:00 PM EST

    Errorson played 23 minutes tonight. Even when we win, we lose.
  5. Brenden Smith placed on waivers ON HIS BDAY. LOL

    If I were Smith and things continue to go this way I’d accept a buyout and go make millions in the KHL - no shame in playing in the 2nd best league in the world.
  6. But he loves Steve Yzerman!
  7. 2/15 GDT - Red Wings @ Lightning - 7:30 PM EST

    Time to blow it up and then either let Holland walk or retire. rebuilding on the fly isn’t working
  8. Oh Don Cherry... the gift that keeps on giving. Like when he was dismissive of Datsyuk and Z’s greatness after the Cup run in 08, or when he repeatedly referred to Anton Volchenkov as “that Russian guy” or when he defended Matt Cooke repeatedly.
  9. Phaneuf is only 32 by he’s regressed so much the last several years to the point where he’s an overpaid liability out there. His career peaked in Calgary
  10. Zetterberg HOF Worthy?

    He should go into the Hall for putting up w this team
  11. This and Montreal will stick out
  12. Tanking Aint Easy

    If I was a high end FA Detroit would be among the last places I’d go. I’d go to a team with a real chance to win right now
  13. Brenden Smith placed on waivers ON HIS BDAY. LOL

    It’s the NYR way
  14. Tanking Aint Easy

    So you want to get worse and be a hockey wasteland like Buffalo and Edmonton for years on end? We’re in between fringe playoff team and bottoming out but I don’t want to see us go full Arizona