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  1. Capitals are playing so sloppy in this game - they are just tempting fate
  2. Kadri such a diver
  3. go PredWings!
  4. game 4 underway right now 2-1 Capitals wow it never gets old seeing Ovechkin blast a slap shot goal. Toronto just scored. 2-1
  5. I'm with you on Anaheim but I love Calgary's throwback alt jerseys. Same for the capitals.
  6. Lets go PredWings, 2nd ugliest jerseys in the league (Florida owns that)
  7. Yay Datsyuk and Kovy. I don't think their team lost a single game in the playoffs or maybe one game? Total dominance.
  8. He's been a huge part of their power play and success overall. Had a career year this year including 30 goals (between Dallas and Anaheim) Ducks are coming out of the west.
  9. Miller, long term deal with NTC
  10. we should promote the Griffins coach because he's won at every level
  11. 2 more Preds
  12. anyone know who is calling the games on the Nashville regional feed? He's terrible and I've never heard of him before.
  13. Why would Modano be a part of that? He played for like 5 games for the Wings lol
  14. Sheahan with a slap shot that goes 5 feet wide this is unreal