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  1. Let’s have Larry Murphy suit up. Where’s he at?
  2. We still can but games like this will hurt our chances.
  3. Great shot but Bernier can’t stop a beach ball either.
  4. This game is blacked out for me...anyone got the goods!?
  5. Abby got smoked in that fight. Witter with the GWG!
  6. Kronwall blast from the point, Kronwall big hit, Kronwall penalty, what’s next!?
  7. kylee

    Mantha out 4 to 6 weeks with hand injury

    How many times did Shanny have to punch a helmet and visor?
  8. Their goalie was a sieve and we still lost. Disappointing after an exciting game.
  9. Tough loss but the Wings are playing a spirited and determined game. Hopeful for Tuesday against the Bolts.
  10. Bernier is an automatic loss. Howard is playing out of his mind why sit him?
  11. Please keep Bernier on the pine tomorrow