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  1. kylee

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    TBL holding on for dear life and got bailed out by a coach's challenge! Still down 2-1 though
  2. kylee

    TOR vs. BOS - Series Thread

    I hate both teams so much
  3. kylee

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    I can say I’m honestly surprised Columbus is doing this. Tampa is crapping the bed in literally every facet. Kucherov with a selfish idiotic check into the boards, Stamkos is MIA, Tyler Johnson MIA, Hedman turned around badly on a goal and might miss game 4. Implosion on every level , but Columbus is out working them with way less talent but much better strategy and coaching, apparently.
  4. kylee

    COL vs. CGY - Series Thread

    I knew Mike 5mith would make an appearance sooner or later
  5. kylee

    NSH vs DAL - Series Thread

    I low-key root for the Stars because I like Benn/Seguin/Radulov but I don’t think they’ll win this series. They have a struggling power play and 1 line that does most of their scoring. Bishop let in 2 bad goals in game 3 tonight that lost them the game. Not to mention they’re playing against a team, albeit flawed, that has gone far and Rinne has looked solid so far. Bad news for the Stars all around.
  6. kylee

    CAR vs WSH - Series Thread

    Andrei got punched so hard his brother probably felt it too
  7. kylee

    Interesting stat for fight fans

    Found this gem a few weeks ago:
  8. Come back to hockeytown Stevie, remember folks, he built that TBL team for the most part.
  9. and we were very lucky it hasn't been 4 years since the Wings lost and Bruins lost that backed us into the playoffs. This franchise is an embarrassment right now 7-1 against Buffalo.
  10. Wings have been doing it for the last 3 or 4 years
  11. It’s ok guys we have Ken Holland and Jeff Blashill
  12. kylee


    why "lock up" a grinder 3rd or 4th line player to begin with?
  13. Can we be like this all of the time? I miss the late season excitement going into the playoffs. We have a real core forming in Larkin, AA, Mantha and Bert. The real issue going forward is going to be coaching, defense and goalie
  14. kylee

    HSJ: Kronwall Re-Signed, 2 years, 3.75 AAV

    Well we do have the most NMC in the league