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  1. Wish we never got rid of Eaves - a true grinder with actual scoring ability
  2. Ericsson could be very good - LOL
  3. Sheahan got an assist - that's like 0.5 of a goal
  4. On paper the rhetoric going into the season was that we were better than the previous year's team. I thought we would be a bubble team again and it says a lot that we are nowhere close to that and nearly every player is having a bad year stats-wise. Send the AHL coach back where he came from.
  5. Larkin dives too much to be a PF
  6. I posted about this in the KHL playoffs thread. That was a late hit lol
  7. I just want Blashill fired at the end of the year - that's really the only thing I'm looking forward to with this franchise
  8. Dirty or clean hit?
  9. The bummer I was thinking during the game was I feel we can compete like this consistently but we haven't, so it really doesn't matter what I think when the season's results are what they are huh?
  10. I literally had a dream the other night that Sheahan scored after a rush and shot down the wing LOL
  11. so who are you guys rooting for in the playoffs?
  12. We need a new coaching staff and D-corps like yesterday
  13. Only a 3rd round pick??
  14. b-b-but DRAFT PICKS!!!! we traded nothing for nothing