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  1. kylee

    2020 Free Agency

    Overall I really like our signings and equally like us not resigning all of the dead weight (Daley, Ericsson, Howard)
  2. kylee

    Abdelkader on unconditional waivers for buyout

    Cleaning up Holland’s bad contracts
  3. kylee

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    I think Dallas may win it all. They are getting production from all 4 lines, secondary scoring coming up big (Pavelski was a great signing) and their top defense is carrying the puck very well. They are winning in different ways, which was shown tonight in the WCF game 1, 1-0 win.
  4. Pink slip Blashill please. It wont fix everything obviously, but it's a start.
  5. Surely, Blashill will be gone soon after a start to the season like this.
  6. kylee

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    An entire career with the Red Wings. Stanley Cup champion, full of devastating body checks, and gets to work with the organization post-playing days, thank you Kronwall
  7. kylee

    Kronwall Officially Announces Retirement

    And with that, the last active Red Wings from the 2008 Cup team is Jonathan Ericsson and Val Filppula
  8. So now we have Nielsen and Filppula - 2 euros who can't score...
  9. kylee

    WCF: San Jose Sharks vs. St Louis Blues

    Bruins V Blues, everybody.
  10. kylee


    So, not good?
  11. kylee


  12. kylee

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Plenty of non-NHL players are in the NHL series
  13. kylee

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    Unfortunately Boston will advance. They played a perfect game 6 to advance with suffocating team defense