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  1. kylee

    Rumors Thread

    Just think...Ericsson has made a career with us for 10 years being a bottom pair boneheaded slow defenseman..
  2. kylee

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Hopefully we clean house - trade Gus, trade Howard, sent Ericsson off to Antarctica for a bunch of Larry Murphy hot dogs...
  3. This carnival won’t change until Stevie is running the show
  4. kylee

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

    Hot dogs for everyone!
  5. kylee

    Rumors Thread

    If only
  6. kylee

    Rumors Thread

    There have been several times I've completely forgotten that we have Daley lol
  7. There's not many coaches out there with such a creative mind as to put a 4th line checking forward out in an offensive zone faceoff in OT
  8. Nope - I never wanted Babcock gone lol unlike Blashill he's actually a good coach
  9. I’ll be so happy if both Holland and Blashill are gone after this season
  10. Trust me, I’ve been to many Habs/Wings games to experience enough of the insufferable Habs fans and Ole! and everything else one for Tatar!
  11. I watched AAF football instead. Lose for Hughes I guess? I want either the Stars or Habs to win the Cup this year.
  12. Well right now we’re not a team in ANY time slot
  13. Holland, Howard (were never going to win w him) Vanek, Kronwall, Abby (I know) Nielsen (I know)