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  1. How will this Cup series be remembered outside of Detroit

    Don’t want to assume to know what he was thinking… but Typically people hate very successful teams (Wings) And hate over hyped pretty boys (Crosby) So most non Wings or Pens fans hate both teams and don’t want either team to win.
  2. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    Sorry, my wording may not have been the best. I was not agreeing with him. My minor point was that what he said was his opinion. As opinions go I have seen a lot worse. Unless someone’s opinion is totally F’ed I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt; and I don’t want some Pens fans chasing him off a Redwings board. MY major point was that the refs were not the reason we lost. The Pens earned the win; I look forward to a great game seven.
  3. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    Please don’t attack people visiting OUR board. If he would have posted this on the Pens board, go ahead and tear him up, and then of course, go ahead and ban him. And if you’ve been watching… the Pens got called for penalties in game five because the committed penalties in game five… did ya notice ?! As for the announcers, they compared Z’s goalie interference to the one the Pens had Saturday. They missed the point the Z did not through a shoulder after the initial contact nor was he heading in the direction of the goalie prior to contact… did ya miss that to. As for the calls last night, that is not why the Wings lost. The main reason (sadly) was a killer save by Fleury. However, I cannot argue with the OP, his points are accurate.
  4. Malkn for Conn Smythe

    Malkin was good in games one and two (but not Conn Smtyh good) He did look like animal in Game three and four But then the Wings got back Datsyuk. When Dats and Z are both in the game; Malkin looked very average. no hardware for him this time...sorry

    As much as I hate the NBC coverage, I have to say.... If I have to watch one more Fanarchy commercial on VS I think I'll stick a needle in my eye!!!!
  6. In their Prime

    good question I wonder how Fedorov would have played under Today's rules in his prime. he used to get mugged in the PO's back in his day. would be amazing to see him with the open game of today
  7. Crosby Dive

    I agree. I usually think it’s stupid to call a penalty and a dive on the same play. This play was an obvious exception. The kids dive was just funny.
  8. The end of hockey as we know it...

    Why, because both are dominated by Europeans? Just kidding… I do see some disturbing trends (that have nothing to do with last night’s game) that support your point. - Hyping goal scorers who‘s D is so weak that can’t even kill penalties. Not recognizing solid team play or solid defense and especially two way players. They make the rules vague so all the conspiracy nuts can come out of the wood work. That being said, it’s still the best sport out there and the Wings are at the top.
  9. The end of hockey as we know it...

    You are correct. And the Pens must have known that the reffs were out to get Detroit. Because there is no way six hockey players who have been playing hockey their whole lives would not notice for 21 seconds. They knew the fix was on! The same with the highly paid coaching staff for the Pens, they caught it too and told all six guys to stay out there because they knew it would not be called. I love a good conspiracy. The Wings played good (real good) for half a game but still loss. Tough loss but they’ll bounce back. This missed calls happen all season they balance out; get ready for the next game.
  10. Bettman's interview on CBC last night

    Wow, I have always hated the guy, but this interview actually made me hate him less. His points on the cap were dead on correct. His points on the ‘bankruptcy issues†were also accurate as to the future ramifications. Maybe the team will move, but its up to the NHL to decide and not the BK courts. As for the taxpayer money; he did look like a whinny. But what’s the league to do? not take the money? I blame the cities who give team money whether its football baseball or hockey. (or even if its Citi Bank, GM, or farm subsidies … sorry I should stay on hockey) I still do not like him, but not because of anything he said in this interview. It's the whossification of the game and his attempt to make individual players bigger than the team (i.e., the NBA) that i don't like.