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    The only thing that gives me any comfort...

    Agreed, much less measuring up to Ovechkin. Or Datsyuk... Sidney doesn't even play on the PP, don't you need to be great in both ends to be a great player?
  3. Maybe you are more graceful than I, but I can't give them that much credit. Yes we got away with some calls. Just because we got more PP doesn't mean they didn't deserve more calls than they got. Yes, we didn't get the job done on the PP, or overall for that matter. But still no reason to substitute "Pitt accomplishment" for still impressive if slightly less respectable "capitalizing on opportunities given them". Better than us, I guess the score & Cup shows that to be true, but can't say as having watched the whole series that is the story of the games. We didn't do our jobs, I admit that and can't say we earned the win, but also can't say as we entirely blew it when there are so many calls. We just didn't overcome all the bad luck and create our own "luck" like we are capable of and should have done. Good season Wings, recharge and don't leave so much up to luck this year. Anyone notice that Bettman was beaming handing the Cup to Crosby this year, yet a bit uncomfortable and hesitant handing it to Lidstrom last year?
  4. Agreed, very very sadly, agreed...
  5. Who you routing for??? For one, questionable is quite a fair argument - as it seemed to me, biased as I am, that he lifted the stick which is not hooking at all. And we got another goal and won by 2. All of my examples were goals that were directly part of winning or losing, not when there was some padding in the score... fair enough?
  6. You are right, it doesn't change who everyone in history will recognize as the cup winners in 09. But this is a RED WINGS FAN BOARD where we should be able to vent the injustice of the process without our own fans slamming us. All I want is an impartial league to let the players decide it and hold those players to the rules the league itself has established!
  7. True dat, one of many many. Some in our favor, vastly more against...
  8. Yeah, we got the breaks in game 1 & 2. Still haven't seen the rule about covering on the goalie's back, regardless of the vertical level of the crease. But how many posts did we hit in game 6 & 7. MAF came up huge and stopped just enough to help his team out. We didn't win just by skill and them just by luck. But we definitely did get the short end of completely unarguably blown calls. I just wish our guys played up to their potential and it didn't matter... then no one could keep us off Lord Stanley's Cup this year.
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    Still can't wait for all the Ozzie haters to STFU. Yes the Wings are a great team, but how many goalies can come up with huge saves after sitting bored for 7-11 minutes of game time. He has HHOF numbers, no argument, and the Stanley hardward to prove it all means something. He's in, and if they try to do otherwise, well, I guess it wouldn't surprise me after the way this series went!
  10. djt813

    Marian Hossa, merged

    Hossa didn't rack up the goals, or points for that matter, in the finals. He didn't dominate every game. But there were several games where he was a force, just didn't manage to score. We've had plenty of players in our past like that. He scored 40 in the reg season. He had his bright spots in the playoffs getting us where we got. He is a hard working back checking responsible forward that is always dangerous in the other zone. If we can fit him in the salary cap structure, I would gladly welcome him back next year. Who do you think will be hungrier than Hossa?
  11. I welcome any Pittsburgh apologist to come up with anywhere near the number of shafts we got, especially those leading to goals...
  12. I have yet to see the rule book state that he can't cover the puck on the goalie's back. No one could come up with a solid case against that. And the game 2 "cover" was not on camera, but quite possibly shuffling the puck under Osgood which is not a penalty. Can't say as I agree that the calls were just barely in Pitt's favor. That said, yes, we did not win games 1 & 2 by that much. Do tip my hat to their grit and desire, just wish the cards weren't stacked against us a bit more than is fair in a series.
  13. Absolutely, agreed the Pens capitalized on what they were handed. But to say that is justified cause for awarding the Cup, as compared to earning it without calls to capitalize on, seems a bit of a joke? Yes, agree Pens should have been awarded a goal for Wings hold with an empty net, but don't recall that non-call having changed the outcome of the game??? Hard to compare that "injustice" with those that actually factored in changing the outcome of a game... And finally, I am not happy about previous rounds officiating. The Hossa goal call was ridiculous, as was Anaheim's PP game winner on an "interference" call on Stuart when Drew Miller obviously played the puck. And Kronwall's "5 min major interference & game misconduct" for which I have never heard one person, including Bettman, even agree it deserved a minor penalty call. The ref'ing was crap, we normally can overcome it, and apparently couldn't this year. We need more hunger and perhaps more rest. Still appreciate our boys effort, just wish they got a fair shake...
  14. Not really, they were good enough to win with the breaks, but we were good enough to have earned the win otherwise... it's not whining to point out very obvious calls leading directly to their win. We were the better team tonight, Fleury played amazing, and we got no bounces. They capitalized on plays that never should have happened according to the rules. So yes, kudos for them for burying the puck, but shame on the refs for playing such a gross hand in the outcome.
  15. djt813

    The injury thread

    Have to agree, there was way too much injury this year. Most teams would have bowed out a long time ago from the quality losses we suffered. I think they played pretty hard considering what I am GUESSING to be some terrible injuries to fight through.