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  1. sandyeggo wingnut

    sandyeggo wingnut

  2. f***in cat on the porch makin colt n trio go nuts get outta here lol

  3. Only one cigarette today...but man am I going nuts...

  4. Warm enough to open a couple windows and air it out a bit. Especially since Colt just decided to stink up the place grrr lol

  5. Third night in a row I've been awakened by the same nightmare around this time...hmmm

  6. Feel free to go f*** yourself you selfish lying *****.

  7. Note to self: Cats love tuna and are annoying if you try to cook with it

  8. Will one of my SoCal buddies please please send me an Animal Style 3x3 no pickles with an order of Animal Fries with pepper rings? Damn I miss In-N-Out

  9. Whoa wake up to a start in the middle of the

  10. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing gasoline Cathy Kay Erika Chaivre Cheryl Cooper lol

  11. ¡No me chingues, pinche puta!

  12. So much little time! Lol

  13. From the gross files: in one study, 44% of adult respondents stated that they picked their nose, ate the boogers, AND LIKED IT.*i don't want to live in this planet any more...

  14. So those painful swollen lymph nodes in the armpit aren't "normal" apparantly. There's a big "duh"