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  1. The play itself was beautiful. Way to go Lids!
  2. NO! Bertuzzi is a fail because nothing ever changes. If he was bad once, he will be bad again. Guys never have chips on their shoudlers, guys never want to do good in a new situation. I know for a fact right now, that he wont put up any points for us, because my, he was bad before - logic is never wrong. GRIT. GRIT. GRIT. I hope you all caught the sarcasm before you got to this point. Welcome back Bert. Can't wait to see you impress.
  3. I can't wait to see Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi have big seasons and shut up all the nay-sayers.
  4. Damn media.
  5. I think this idea is way better then the bickering, and fantasy scenario dropping, that's been going on here all day every day.
  6. Alright this thread officially needs to be over.
  7. Different teams have different systems. Jiri Hudler wouldn't of been the same player he was in Detroit, on another team. Mike Babcock will put him in a position where he can flourish as much as possible.
  8. "He wasn't good before, so he wont be good now." Stupidest logic I have ever heard. I guess J Wills doesn't practice one damn bit.
  9. Whats the point in knocking the OP? If it really happened, and it was me, I would be pretty bummed if people didn't believe me. And if it didnt really happen, and hes making it up, whatever, get off the internet.
  10. So he put up all those goals in the regular season with a torn rotator cuff?
  11. Mats Sundin to the Miighty Ducks for Gordon Bombay.
  12. Its so awesome to me how much better LGW looks compared to every other message board I've ever seen.
  13. I guess the only logical thing to do is to bring in Bertuzzi, Trade the mule for Avery, Z for Brashear, all our draft picks for Tootoo, and then Trade Malts and Drapes to Philly for Pronger. Mess with us then!
  14. Im definatly not saying he wants/deserves absolute top dollar. I totally agree with the 3Mil/1 year. All I'm saying is he is still Nick. He is still an amazing defensemen, and I can't believe the lack of faith in him after one season.