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  1. Wiz is a dick.

    exactly what direction is columbus going? 13th to 12th. they will still finish last in the central i would like commodore to take care of this guy
  2. Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    commodore is surely aware that mike babcock coaches the red wings, so i am guessing he is over what ever past problems he had with him still a big upside with this signing despite its lack of excitability with the slim pickings on defense, we should sign a forward who can make a big impact cause you don't need to defend when you have the puck
  3. Free Agency Predictions

    WIz and/or jovo will be a wing jagr will be a wing wings will sign one of: joel ward/tim connely/michael handzus/cory stillman hudler will be on waivers by the end of the day or like some said before ericsson is our ufa signing and holland will wait out the mess i for one hope he channels his pre-cap gm and goes and gets players
  4. Wings re-sign Ericsson to 3-year, $9.75m contract

    hey, i am usually a read only person as well. do i think a gm could see a huge upside in ericsson, and that he never had the room to grow and develop on a crowded wings roster? yes yes. however, don't sign and trades usually get announced basically together? so unless a trade announcement comes out tomorrow, i'd say no. if ericsson argued he was going to step it up and be the player we want/need him to be, i don't understand why not sign him to the 2-2.5 mil with bonuses...
  5. Wings re-sign Ericsson to 3-year, $9.75m contract

    any word on eaves? eklund says he has signed, but eaves and ericsson both start with an e so he might be mistaken and if this were a one year deal i could live with it, he'd have one year to prove he's ready to take the next step --- it is the 3 years that bothers me, but hey we can always bury him in the ahl if we need to right? maybe that is what holland was figuring as it is pretty common practice now
  6. Filling Out Roster From Within

    it is not the lids is not a good enough mentor, i just think he is the wrong type of mentor. erikson needs to learn how to use his size and needs to learn how to play with an edge - things i don't consider to be lidstrom's strong points (especially at this point in his career), but they are something jovinowski could teach him. perhaps on hedman, i said it was a stretch. i would argue no one want vinny's contract but that is a bust in the current nhl avs or aves? who gives a crap? it's the stupid avalanche
  7. Filling Out Roster From Within

  8. Filling Out Roster From Within

    This with one change Bring in Jovo. i say this because i think he can provide experience to a young core and serve as a proper mentor for erikson - think back to when cheli mentored him - and maybe he can develop into a #4 defenseman Also, this might not belong in this thread, but this is what i'd call the stretch pass: sign jovo - see reasons above trade for victor hedman - the lightning need space to sign stamkos and they, at the very least, will not be able to keep him next year. i am guessing he could be had for prospects and picks as the tb would not want to add salary
  9. Mats Sundin?

    for what it's worth...Eklund mention it today, too
  10. What is the likelihood...

    yeah, i read about Florida and NYI, but i never really trust rumors until they're complete, just because things can change quickly... if he is asking for 5mil, then whatever--he is not worth it at this point i just know that tanguay has got skill and is kind of soft, so he seemed a good fit for the wings...i hope we don't miss out waiting for hudler's arbitration meeting thanks for the reply
  11. What is the likelihood...

    I have been reading on here about the possibility of a lot of free agents, and have not seen one about Alex Tanguay (thank you for posting the links to the threads I missed or did not see). He is coming off a couple so-so seasons, and could be looking for a one-year deal where he can increase his value for next summer. An opportunity to play for the Wings could certainly do that. So, what do you think?