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  1. Yzerman GM in Chicago soon?

    i would ******* die. f*** that
  2. The "Who Will You Miss Most Next Year" Poll

    starting off. I HATED KOPECKY from this season all the way to nhl 09 on ps3 hahaha thank god hes gone. i made a hossa jersey with a lettering kit and am bummed but whatever i really loved our team this season. i wish it could last but all good things come to an end. i loved hudlers demeanor on the ice so happy to be there. it sucks hes gone. i love sammy too. s*** :/ and conks. he seems so awesome and will be missed. oh well. helm is going to be on fire next season. so will lieno im stoked. the season needs to start already im sick of watching the 08 playoff re runs of the god damn caps and fliers on the nhl network. go wings.