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  1. hockeygods


  2. hockeygods

    Are hockey hits harder than football hits?

    listen you can take whatever T.O and that cinco fruit loop say and believe the exact opposite. Those two are donkeys
  3. hockeygods

    Rypien suspended 6 games

    to my son..... yes a very diff story. To me no it would be great. its not like the guy was hurt from that little contact.
  4. hockeygods

    Rypien suspended 6 games

    5 games i think would be a little to much for just pushing some fan. Nobody was injured. Personally It would be great if a player got mad enough to push me like that lol Ofcourse I say 5 games is too much but at the same time I dont know if he has had suspensions before or if this is his first no no
  5. hockeygods

    Rypien suspended 6 games i think a couple games would be good enough. I didnt get a chance to watch the game but Im wondering what got him so mad
  6. hockeygods

    Where to buy "Fight night at the Joe" print?

    There is one at Hambos Coney Island in Ferndale sighned by McCarty I believe. I go in there often and Im sure if you offerd a fair price they would probably sell it
  7. hockeygods

    Small rule change confirmed

    I for one love the shootouts!!!! I agree the point system should be changed. Tie's were the worst part of hockey and I hope we never see that garbage again. But at the same time it wouldnt matter to me if they just did contiinuous 4 on 4 or even 3 on 3 untill there is a winner
  8. hockeygods

    Wings sign Mattias Ritola

    LOL " What are you talking about, Ritola has been solid in every NHL game i watched him." Im sure you were impressed with all 5 of his NHL games but its not enough to attract other teams im sure
  9. has not set their status

  10. hockeygods

    Suspend Hossa?

    a players history should only factor how long the suspension is for not wether or not a suspension is worthy
  11. hockeygods

    Jordan Leopold is ended by Andy Sutton

    i agree i hate the pens as much as anyone here but the elbow was up! the sad part is that he probably woulda been just as hurt without the elbow lol so i wonder now if he will get suspended
  12. hockeygods

    Evander Kane vs Matt Cooke

    i now believe in a god
  13. hockeygods

    Tilted Visor Trend?

    and its not just a trend starting this year. Me and a friend of mine have talked about Kronwall doin that for 3 or 4 years now
  14. hockeygods

    Roberto lol-ongo

    wow lol thats awesome!!!!!! looooooooooooooooooooo i mean booooooooooooooooo
  15. hockeygods

    Wings need a change of jersey

    no no no no and i hate you for even thinking this lol