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  1. The person below me game...

    Yeah..I don't think I'd pass up the opportunity. lol. The person below me hates when dogs bark at you when you walk by.
  2. This or That

    I think running in a ball would be quite interesting. haha paper clips or staples?
  3. The person below me game...

    Yeah I could definately use some new clothes. The person below me hates when their headphones get tangled.
  4. This or That

    Stairs if it's not too far, elevators make me sick. lol. Fork or spoon?
  5. The person below me game...

    Hmm..I'm more of a brat then a hotdog person myself..but I could go for some polish sausage with sour krout any day! The person below me loves gatorade just like me.
  6. This or That

    Lift weights for sure, I'm not very flexible. hahaa. Tiled or wooden floors?
  7. song title game

    Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry
  8. This or That

    I'd have to say bring my own lunch, much healthier. Fritos or Doritos?
  9. The person below me game...

    I don't have taxes yet. The person below me likes the band "Hollywood Undead."
  10. Have any of you guys seen this move?

    my jaw just hit the floor. Wow, that was amazing.
  11. Anaheim: Getzlaf Atlanta: Armstrong Boston: Lucic Buffalo: Miller Calgary:Iginla Carolina:Eric Staal Chicago: Toews Columbus:Nash Los Angeles: Kopitar Minnesota: Clutterbuck Nashville: Weber New Jersey: Parise NY Rangers: Lundqvist Ottawa: Alfredsson Pittsburgh: Gonchar San Jose: Marleau Tampa Bay: St.Louis Toronto: Phaneuf Vancouver: D.Sedin Washington: Ovechkin