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  1. might want to hurry it up here, Wingies.
  2. unfortunate. We just need two goals at the correct time... no problem... right, my Wings???
  3. smile of swedish chagin. Next time, GusGus
  4. and what did Looo say? Larkin is on a mission.. not happy about that broken stick goal.. LGRW!!! that;s our boy!!
  5. Moosie was a good boy for standing up for Glenny. Just don't break your hand, kid.
  6. they are going to come out firing on all cylinders... Larkin had that look in his eye after the broken stick goal... he's such a hockey guy.
  7. not a shut out... OK, then.. onward to the 2nd... end of 1.
  8. there, that will make them feel better. Do it again, Baby Bert... LGRW!!
  9. well, they need to perk up. They have to play again tomorrow, and it's a road game. Only things missing that would surely doom them Saturday is it's not a noon game and it's not on NBC. so no excuses... LOL
  10. they will be better in the 2nd... I sincerely hope.
  11. he's a Red Wing pining for Green. Christmassy!!!
  12. what you said... bullet dodged.. now, go score some goals, Wings.... hockey gods gave you a break.
  13. Christmas miracle. A non-goal called back and it's the Wings who benefit. Miracle!!
  14. come on, I know we miss Green, but .... come on, kids. Not a goal.
  15. that was unfortunate. Larkin needs to go get one right back now. Bad break. Literally.