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  1. this one hurts more somehow than the blow outs/shut out games. The Wings really had a chance against one of the best in the league. They really tried, and Bernier was great (again).
  2. He has actually been the best player on the ice for the Wings, aside from Bernier tonight
  3. one more shot and I get choco. Make it happen, Val
  4. we have seen worse... sliding scale of bad 2nds. Maybe they will come out inspired (by I know not what.. but you know) in the 3rd. LGRW! PS: Bernie for another game star here tonight
  5. If the Wings get to 20 SOG tonight, I get choco. Try and stop me...
  6. Only this season's Wings could make me wonder if a 2-1 game is something they can overcome and win. Adjusted expectations. Please make me happy, Wings...
  7. yep.. the question now is, can the Wings score another one? Or is one the limit again here?
  8. Bernier plays two full games to the other goalie's one, in terms of shots against.
  9. we have leftover PP in the 2nd... speaking of leftovers, I think I will go make dinner. Nice 1st, for a change. Don't mess up the 2nd... please.
  10. that PP was Painful to watch
  11. I raked up five bags of leaves. Can I have choco?
  12. So... if the Wings last three minutes without getting scored on, can we go get curly fries?