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  1. ya'll watch for me... I have company showing up any time now, and then dinner out and stuff... game on DVD set to record. It's NBCSN.. oh joy. LGRW!!!
  2. interesting, thanks for the update on Ozzie. I was waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to send a ransom note or something...
  3. well, we got a point... yay. Take this momentum home with you, Wings... and do not play like a bunch of hacks at home.
  4. I will take an assist, Greener.... it's a start
  5. I have dissing Mantha since before this game started, and during. I guess he doesn't like it that I am not thrilled with him? LOL
  6. You understand I am using reverse psychology, right?
  7. and shockingly, didn't break anything. What Would Zetterberg Do...? He would score a goal right now.... that's what
  8. yep. This game made me think of 90's Sabres in front of Hasek... when they played like this 2nd, he would chase them into the locker room and yell at them about how bad they were... they would come out after the intermission and win, every time. They were afraid of him...
  9. they have enough time to do this... at least getapoint... and take the momentum back to Detroit tomorrow.... LGRW!!
  10. look who decided to show up... wonders never cease.
  11. I wonder if their consciences have kicked in here or if they felt how angry I am at them right now. Either way... they need to apologize.
  12. Kill this, Wings... as if Nqui is such a vicious player that this was actually called a slash. More like, give PH a chance to get their momentum back. Green. I told you, I am counting on you... you let me down there...
  13. they had damned well better show up. Shame shame shame.... I have not had to say this very much this season, but they left Jimmy out there to look bad and did NOTHING to help him. SHAME on them. They are better than this.... Now, SCORE ANOTHER DAMNED GOAL, WINGS!!
  14. Bernier will stop everything, but that won't solve what is in front of him (or Jimmy), nor will it make our talented skater score a damned goal.