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  1. Nice win, and yay, beat Caps and Ovenchicken. I am a happy loooo here.
  2. Number 1 Star is Mrazek today... we would be long gone in this one without him.
  3. I will take Danny being a hooker over another Caps goal.
  4. well, I know. Other friends of mine say, "well, it works perfectly for me." Great! I guess that solves my problem then, since YOU can see it, I just don't need to... perfect! ROTFL!! Kidding (sort of), but seriously -- if I was of the persuasion to believe in conspiracies, I would think they are blocking every single Wings feed to my house. Of course, I am giving Center Ice and Spectrum/TWC way too much credit for being smart enough to actually DO that. /sarcastic loooo
  5. Well, even when it's not NHL or NBC, I don't get Wings feeds here. I am aware the games get stolen from Center Ice when NBCSN, NBC, or NHL Network decide to show them. As far as CI supposedly showing Home and Away for games which are NOT swiped by NHL or a national broadcast: I get multiple feeds of other games, both home and away... but never the Wings games. I have seen three or four games this season and they were apparently accidents - listed on the schedule as other games but when I flipped through the NHL/NBA/Baseball sports channels, the Wings were on. Just not where the schedule said they were supposed to be. I have seen FSD one time this season on Center Ice. They are sending a technician tomorrow. I am guessing he will stand here and look at the cable box for a while, and then leave. Since it's the Center Ice feed -- not the brand new Spectrum box that is the issue. The old box didn't work either, same issue. Load some more codes, sacrifice a chicken, whatever.... or better still, give me my money back.
  6. that Tater goal was confident Red Wings hockey and a team effort I hope and pray to see more of. They make me happy when they play like that!!
  7. Backstrom is one dirty SOB
  8. Back to back weekend day-time games... oh, boy. I doubt too many will be watching, but I will. Wings are going to win. thanks for the nice GDT, Mabus... edit: I hate Center Ice. The game is on the schedule, but there is no feed. This happens with almost EVERY Red Wings games. There are four feeds with Sabres/Blues, and other games are there. Never the Wings. Why?
  9. that was truly sad... not even ONE goal. And the Blues score on our empty net. I have no words.
  10. Too bad Jagr never decided to be a Wing in his travels around the NHL. He's 45 and can out-skate and out-score anyone we have. If that is all it takes to deflate this team, then they have even bigger issues than I thought. Good teams turn right around and get that goal back. We cannot score even one?
  11. we cannot score even one goal? this is very sad.
  12. I could never hate them, no matter what. Mraz has done what he can... perhaps he can "ozzie" us a goal, too, since no one else can?
  13. Here is hoping for an inspired third period. I know it should not matter, but seriously - could we just play one period of Red Wings Hockey for Mr. I??? Please?
  14. I am pretty sure NBC doesn't care that we watch the Wings. They are for whoever is playing against us, typically
  15. oh no... another power play...