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  1. one (1) shot on goal so far in the second. We are not good at math, are we, Wings?
  2. Wings have zero shots on goal this period...MN has 12 so far. Could there be a connection to no goals for us, ya think??
  3. and here, gentlemen, we have a typical Wings 2nd period collapse... why do they do this???
  4. NBCSN is only happy when they can find a reason to pimp Chicago. When the Wings play Chicago, it is truly incestuous and ... horrible. Hronek is going to be great.. they are just jealous.
  5. thought so at the time and still do, yes.
  6. Givani is a good kid, we must keep him. He will get even better... love this kiddo. ZaDimples is on fire here tonight,
  7. Deep Eddy vodkas are the best.... Austin local.. yum
  8. LOL that they think this was a big win... seriously. Dumb asses...
  9. Givani!! I love this kid SOO much... good job!!
  10. funny, since they probably think he's Big Bert's son, not his nephew. whatever... wish it would spur BB to score a few more for us.
  11. this is not on Jimmy Howard, think what you want. He has no chance out there alone... none.
  12. this makes me so very unhappy.... ugh
  13. I am just hallucinating, but once in a while Bertuzzi and Zadimples bring back memory flashes of Hank and Dats... our new Euro Twins. I can dream, yes?
  14. let's face it. We have seen far worse. This is not out of reach, but they have to buckle down and SHOOT the puck and try to score, or the result is basically inescapable. Jimmy has been stellar... he's been shelled and neither goal was his fault. Ozzie said so. I believe Ozzie would know.
  15. I pray over that boy, and hope he grows into his skills. Mostly I just want to smack him, though. LOL