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  1. Hoping AA still has one working kidney, too
  2. Classy Wings, and Z is their leader. He is showing them how it's done, as usual. Hope it's just a stinger and Lack will be OK.
  3. I think the schedule has something to do with Kronner being out, and Renouf in. Three straight games in a row, B2B2B. With travel, too. Nice to see the big kid get some time with the Wings.
  4. I am late, had a work crisis. Why is Kronner scratched? Too much game with back-to-back-to back games with travel? Wings: please proceed to win, now. I am here. LGRW!!!
  5. Good job, Wings! Happy birthday, Jimmy
  6. Golf is on at 2PM. Hoping NBC finds this game more interesting.
  7. I have a running list of calls they missed or made mistakes on. I will add that to my list.
  8. Tinky was actually useful (OK, in the right place at the right time) on the last minute goal in the first.
  9. Very classy, ND. You had the experience of a lifetime, and the honor of seeing our Wings play on the historic Joe ice. No one can take your memories and the thrill of that away. LGRW!
  10. I think the entire team is named Kucherov. Big family, the players just wear different names on their jerseys.
  11. I agree! I won't miss a minute until the very last second of the last game.
  12. I think many have lost interest at this point in the season. Nice to see you Y19!
  13. Our goalie needed to stop that slooooow moving puck, there... just saying.
  14. Oh, I love this GDT Poster Boy. Miller is my silver haired warrior... I will hear NO bad things said about him. Ya'll can say them: I simply won't listen. LGRW! Skin them Sabres!!!