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  1. useyourillusion

  2. Pre Game Skate

    yeah they start 30 minutes before the game does. how are you gonna try and get a puck? you mean at the warm ups? i always see players giving them out where the photographers put there cameras...
  3. Matthias Ritola recalled from G.R.

    i agree, leino sucks. newbury should have stayed.
  4. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Ottawa @ New Jersey Toronto @ Buffalo Carolina @ Florida Tampa Bay @ St Louis Boston @ Chicago Washington @ Vancouver Saturday: NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Detroit @ Dallas Phoenix @ Anaheim Nashville @ Calgary Pittsburgh @ Buffalo Boston @ Toronto Minnesota @ Ottawa Montreal @ NY Islanders Florida @ Carolina New Jersey @ Atlanta Columbus @ Colorado Washington @ Edmonton Sunday: Detroit @ Chicago St Louis @ Vancouver
  5. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Florida @ New Jersey Carolina @ Washington Chicago @ Buffalo Anaheim @ Detroit Edmonton @ St Louis Tampa Bay @ Colorado Minnesota @ Calgary Dallas @ San Jose Saturday: Washington @ Toronto Carolina @ Ottawa Philadelphia @ New Jersey Boston @ NY Islanders Buffalo @ NY Rangers Montreal @ Atlanta Anaheim @ Columbus Florida @ Pittsburgh Detroit @ Nashville San Jose @ Phoenix Minnesota @ Vancouver Dallas @ Los Angeles Sunday: Tampa Bay @ Chicago Calgary @ Colorado
  6. red wings ring bells

    wowww i live less than 5 minutes away from the ones in northville hahah i would so go but i don't have a ride
  7. KHL contract offer for Filppula?

    haven't heard anything about this... hope it's not true
  8. Injury updates...

    at least my filppula will be back soon thanks for posting this though.. hopefully no one else gets injured
  9. Can't decide who to get on my Jersey!

    how'd you get them to sign your jerseys?? i'm dying to have mine signed
  10. Can't decide who to get on my Jersey!

    well zetterberg or franzen.. they are going to be around for awhile, but like you said everyone has zetterberg, which isn't a big deal because he has a long contract and will be a future captain, maybe. i have filppula and ericsson but i didn't care how long they'd be around... lol. i go to the games and i'm the only one with their jerseys. plus i like them as players.
  11. Bertuzzi SUCKS

    yeah he does. leino and lebda too.
  12. 11/27 GDT: Flames 3 at Red Wings 0

    i'm watching an online stream flames just scored you guys don't want to watch it.
  13. Anyone think this season is eerily similar to....

    hopefully it is similar to pittsburgh last season but different players are probably going to be injured then... just saying
  14. 11/27 GDT: Flames 3 at Red Wings 0

    yeah i think everyone is getting a blank screen. hopefully not for long
  15. Ducks Schooling Blackhawks

    good because the blackhawks needed to lose.