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  1. poor quality but hope that works
  2. Scum don't look good wearing the Winged Wheel, Shea Weber. Shana-ban is a coming. And hope it's for 4 games. (We can only wish) Good effort by the Wings. PP scored twice. Bounces didn't go our way. (As usual) I'd put Smith in for Quincey and Nyquist or Connor in for Emmerton. And hopefully Helm is okay.
  3. Suspend Weber!!!
  4. Powerplay! For the tie! LGRW
  5. HOMER!!! :siren: 2 PPG goals in a game?! Let's go Red Wings!
  6. 5 on 3... we NEED one here.
  7. Didn't see the full second outside the Zetterberg goal, but seeing it's 2-1 Nashville it must've been another bad bounce goal against?
  8. YEAH HANK!!!! :siren: PP convert!!!
  9. Hopefully Helm's alright. Powerplay coming up.
  10. Howie, PK = strong and good PP, Offense, bounces = Refs = Overall: one bounce here and the Wings have it tied up. Nashville isn't looking like the big, bad, scary power house team the analysts picked them to be. That's my two cents at least after the first 20.
  11. Nashville has found their legs after the goal, Wings left theirs in Detroit so it seems. Sustained pressure is gonna be needed to beat Rinne. Howie's standing tall. 5-on-3... HUGE momentum swing if killed off.
  12. Holy post, way too close.
  13. Nice save Howie
  14. Special Teams will make or break us... 4 penalties in the first so far. Not good.