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  1. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

    I'm hoping the Wings walk on water tonight and put the Sharks on ice. Sydney or The Bush
  2. Tuff calls for Babs

    WTF is a halfwing? I heard the Faith plus one Wings will play tonight.
  3. Evander Kane vs Matt Cooke

    Nice to see someone KO cooke. I hate cheap players and he has hurt too many players with dirty hits. Isn't Kane a rookie?
  4. 2010 Winter Olympics - Quarterfinals

    You saw Roenick reaction to it too. Pretty Hamhanded. I predict Nabokov is out and Bryzgalov is in to start 2nd and Russia wins 6-5 Roenick Rules.
  5. 2010 Winter Olympics - Russia vs Czech Republic (Group B)

    What does the dog missing the ball represent?
  6. 2010 Winter Olympics - Russia vs Czech Republic (Group B)

    Milbury Sucks. Roenick Rules love the mancave chat near the fireplace. Go Jagr
  7. There's Gonna Be a Fight!

    I love Roenick. I grew up watching him in Chicago. He was the closest thing to Ovechkin before Ovechkin played. I love how him and Milbury don't like each other. Seems like Milbury hates everybody though, don't know why. It's good to hear some honest commentary in the intermissions. NBC should just boot the other two guys and give Roenick the floor. Roenick Rules.
  8. NBC screwing over hockey fans

    Curling Again Cmon. This sucks NBC is blowing it again. Roenick Rules
  9. 2010 Winter Olympics - United States vs Norway (Group A)

    Tell me about it. I've missed the first period of almost all these games. Roenick Rules
  10. Chelios police video

    .08 is way too low. Fiddling with the radio and talking on the phone is worse. I called this when it was first reported. The founder of MADD talked about the limit and how it is becoming more about prohibition and generating revenue than pulling over people who are truly drunk.
  11. Kovalchuk traded to New Jersey

    Bure without a doubt. He had Helm's speed and then some with great hands and a rocket for a shot.
  12. Is Kronwall Fine?

    He also says Crosby. The NBC team said his name 80 plus times yesterday. The hit did look bad though.
  13. Canadiens part ways with Big George

    This^^^ Also what was with him talking about the earthquake in Haiti? He is an African_Canadian born in Montreal which is pretty far from Haiti. Good move by the Canadiens.
  14. 1/16 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Dallas Stars 3 (SO)

    This It's becoming painful to watch hockey. It was not this bad in the 90's and early 00's.
  15. KHL ruining the NHL?

    That is a great point and is why competition in any aspect is good for the product. No matter what the product is.