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  1. Lonewuhf

    The Franzen Hate.

    Actually Rich's statement was true. Franzen missed far too many games when not injured. I also don't want to downplay how serious mental issues can be, but as a hockey players who's getting paid millions to play, you have to push through whatever you're going through and play.
  2. Lonewuhf

    3/7 GDT: Devils 4 at Red Wings 7

    Not my best, but didn't have time to do it better.
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  4. Lonewuhf

    Filppula to Tampa 5 yr $5 million

    He hasn't been anymore personal than you have. You've said things that are hypocritical and have double standards when it comes to Fil when compared to other players. If you dish it out, be prepared to take it back and stop with the drama.
  5. Lonewuhf

    Filppula to Tampa 5 yr $5 million

    His play was no where near atrocious. Even when he's not getting points he was still consistently one of the best defensive forwards on the ice. His point total was bad, no one will deny that, but calling his play atrocious is ridiculous. That said, he would not have performed well here this season. He's playing with higher talent players, playing on the power play, and getting more minutes than he did here. He had s***ty linemates here, was getting shoved down to the 3rd line, and always being juggled on different lines with different players. No one is going to play well under those situations. Just look at the team this year, we have the same exact problem with his replacement. I honestly think Weiss would have a hell of a lot better season on another team. Our 2nd and 3rd lines have just been bad this year.
  6. Lonewuhf

    GDT: Capitals 4 @ Red Wings 3 (SO)

    They are sucking. Bottom line, they're playing terrible right now. You can argue all you want, but all that does is convince me that you haven't actually been watching the games. We were all healthy outside of Helm, and just Helm doesn't solve the problems that we have. We have too many old players, we have too many floaters. Players need to be held accountable or I don't see any of it changing. We need to bring up the young talent. Get Nyquist up here, bench players like Cleary, Sammy, and Franzen when they float or don't contribute. Their play is nothing short of pathetic.
  7. Lonewuhf

    Cleary in, Tatar out against Caps

    Actually I posted this one first. How is this trolling? You said something bashing Hudler and I simply stated facts. Your post was more trollish than mine. Edit: Hudler is 17th in the league in points. I don't care what kind of team he's on. He's still playing against top lines in the league and doing really well, and this is coming from someone who hated Hudler when he was here.
  8. Lonewuhf

    Cleary in, Tatar out against Caps

    Yet he's got 6 times more points than Cleary... Since he's on a non-contender team shouldn't he still have crap for points?
  9. Lonewuhf

    stephen weiss

    Just gonna throw fuel on the fire... Fil has as many goals and assists just tonight as Weiss does all season
  10. Lonewuhf

    Helm in, Franzen out against the Oil tonight!

    He's got over 4 million cap hit and is on par for under 25 points. That's playing pretty bad.
  11. Lonewuhf

    stephen weiss

    I can't either specifically but I don't think he took that many, did he? He made a HUGE SO goal two years ago to increase our home winning streak to like 20 games.
  12. Lonewuhf

    stephen weiss

    These first 11 games are just as important as any other 11 games. Telling us to wait and see what Weiss does is incredibly bad for the team. We in all seriousness could be out of the playoffs solely because of the first 11 games. Is it going to happen this year? Unlikely, but it could, and a lot of the blame would lie on Weiss. He needs to step up. I don't care how long he's been here. He needs to step up.
  13. Lonewuhf

    stephen weiss

    No, I think you forgot how often Fil gave up... He was often one of the few Wings to show up almost every night.
  14. Lonewuhf

    stephen weiss

    He didn't say anything that wasn't true. Weiss has looked overall pretty bad this season. He has been slow, he has looked terrified. You denying all of that then insulting him because he said it is much worse than anything he said in his post.
  15. Lonewuhf

    Filppula to Tampa 5 yr $5 million

    http://hockey.dobbersports.com/frozenpool_profiler.php?players=541&sent=go&games=2010-2011%3AE http://hockey.dobbersports.com/frozenpool_profiler.php?players=542&sent=go&games=2011-2012%3AR http://hockey.dobbersports.com/frozenpool_profiler.php?players=542&sent=go&games=2008-2009%3AR