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    Dominic Turgeon signs 3 year Entry Level Contract 43 points in 67 games last year in the WHL. I can't find any scouting reports on him though, whats the outlook?
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    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    2 on 1, he took the pass and finished the play, beating the goalie short side
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    Kronwall suspended one game

    Completely off topic, but after watching the video explanation on Kronner's hit, I decided to check out some of the others that were out there, and came across this. I don't even remember this happening... First shift in the NHL. Huh.
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    Pulkkinen sent back to GR

    I was at the game tonight... not to take ANYTHING away from his great performance tonight, but 2 of his 3 goals were standard saves for an NHL goalie. Not to mention his 3rd goal was an unscreened slapshot from a step inside the blue line, against a replacement goalie who had never seen the ice as a professional. He needs to continue to find new ways to use his booming shot. Also would have been 3 consecutive. He gave up a weak goal about 2 minutes into the game though. Recovered nicely though and made some really nice saves throughout the rest of the game.
  6. Hey everyone, I don't post to the site very often, but I do visit almost everyday, and enjoy reading the insight posted by the folks who visit the site. I came across this video tonight that recaps the last 22 years of playoff appearances made by our beloved Red Wings, and felt the need to share with everybody in this hockey community. Hopefully you take the 22 minutes and 22 seconds (ironic, huh?) that it takes to watch the video in its entirety, and enjoy it as much as I did! Go Wings!
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    Ryan White headshot on Kent Huskins

    This guy has been a piece of garbage all the way back to his days as a AHLer with the Hamilton Bulldogs. My friends and I were at a Griffins game a couple years ago to celebrate my brothers return from Afghanistan, and after the game we were in the back parking lot waiting to meet more friends for a drink at McFadden's (a local bar behind the Van Andel Arena), when White made his appearanfe behind the building waiting for the team bus. He noticed us from being at the game, as our seats were right next to the penalty box, (which he had made 3 appearances in during the course of the game), and he proceeded to walk around the gate and confront us to our faces, saying we were "school girl b*itches for rocking face paint and Griffs garb for the game. Told us he would personally find where we lived and be sure to blow the ashes of what was left of our homes in our faces. Dude has always been a real "class act". Typing from phone... damn typos.
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    Mrazek incredible save

    Did he get the glove on it or did it hit the post?
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    2012 LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 1

    VAN/LAK: 4-2 STL/SJS: 4-1 PHX/CHI: 4-3 NSH/DET: 4-2 NYR/OTT: 4-1 BOS/WSH: 4-2 FLA/NJD: 4-1 PIT/PHI: 4-3 WC Champion: Detroit EC Champion: Philadelphia SCF Champion: Detroit
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    Goal horn

    its way off tonight, and driving me crazy!
  11. With the stellar play of Joey Mac since Jimbo went down with the finger injury, what should be done with Conklin when Jimmy is back in net? I think the logical move would be to send Joey back down to GR, since he has the 2 way deal, but is Conklin really even worth keeping on the main roster? I'm not sure if he would clear waivers or not, but if he did, think of the boost that could create for the Griffins as well!
  12. I'm good with this deal. My bet based on everything I have personally seen of Piche is he will probably never set foot on an NHL sheet of ice. As for the 1st round pick, given its going to be a late first rounder, is a crap shoot. I really don't think we're losing much at all, and in return we get a guy who will most likely be the replacement for Brad Stuart next year... what is the problem here?
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    Since we didn't get Kubina...

    With Kubina going to the Fly Guys, and the Wings supposedly offering a package for him, who are some other blue liners we may be interested in?
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    Ty Conklin clears waivers, assigned to GR

    Good point... I didn't think about it like that. That might be risky too though, keeping him on the club and out of regular playing time. I guess there are pros and cons no matter which way you look at it...
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    Red Wings Pre-All Star Game MVP

    Has to be Jimbo. God only knows where this team would be without him...
  16. shaeb30

    Datsyuk No 1 Pick for All Star

    Honestly I did not see this coming! Made me spill my coffee!
  17. What are your early guesses as to who will be on the roster next season? Right now the players i think are actual locks to be there are Jordan Pearce, Thomas McCollum, Francis Pare, Logan Pyett, Gustav Nyquist, Brendan Smith, Brian Lashoff, Travis Erhardt, Sergei Kolosov, Jordan Owens, Brent Raedeke, Joakim Andersson, Willie Coetzee, Ilari Filppula, and maybe Adam Keefe. As for guys like Cory Emmerton and Jan Mursak, im pretty sure they are going to be playing in Detroit all year. Derek Meech and Doug Janik will most likely land with an NHL team. Im not totally sure on Tomas Tatar, i THINK he is out of minor league options after this year, but im not quite sure if he is ready for a full year in the NHL yet. As for some of the overseas talent, I could see a couple guys like Calle Jarnkrok, Teemu Pulkkinen, Andrej Nestrasil, and Gleason Fournier making the roster. Im sure they will sign some free agents to fill out the roster too. Im pretty sure the ride in the Detroit system will be over for guys like Jamie Tardif, Jamie Johnson, Chris Minard, and Dick Axelsson.
  18. shaeb30

    Wings re-sign Francis Pare

    I like this kid.... 24 years old, 64 goals and 77 assists in his Griffins career so far. He's a little on the tiny side, but maybe with a little more time he could become a call up. Still, a good guy to keep in GR!
  19. shaeb30

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    I LOVE this move! Fister has really good numbers outside of his deceiving record... Its hard to win game when you give up 2 or less runs in 6 innings, and your team gets shut out on a regular basis. It's officially Doug Fister and David Pauley for Charlie Furbush, Casper Wells, Fransisco Martinez, and a player to be named later.
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    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Nick Barnett is out there now... sounds like the Lions are pretty hot on him!
  21. shaeb30

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    Just became official tonight... no Jimenez for Detroit. The Rockies wanted a package of Jacob Turner and either Max Scherzer or Rick Porcello. No thanks. Sounds like the hot names now being linked to Detroit are Eric Bedard and Jason Marquis. I could live with Marquis if the price is right.. I don't think he is worth a Turner, but we have a few mid-level prospects I could see going over for him. Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Marquis, Penny/Below. Hell... I would even be OK with bringing Andy Oliver back up and letting him take over the fifth spot in the rotation if necessary... couldn't do much worse than what we've been seeing from that spot already! Pitchers in the #5 spot of the rotation for the Tigers this year are 4-16...
  22. shaeb30

    Wings Development Camp

    Check out what the Wings have the draft picks and other various young talent doing to stay busy and get ready for the upcoming season! BTW... check out Jiri Fischer's nose... was it always that messed up??? I'm not hatin... just sayin!
  23. Andreas Lilja/Ruslan Salei 2.0??? .......
  24. Ok... according to, the Wings have a little more than $16 million to play with right now, and we don't exactly know for sure who the D man Kenny is going to sign will be. Lets say just for argument sake that Stamkos and the Lightning are unable to come to an agreement, and he is sitting out there for the taking come July 1. Would he be worth the $10-11 million a year plus the draft picks it would take to bring him to the D? The roster has for us right now is minus Jonathan Ericsson too.. but i don't think he will make any more than $1 million.
  25. Agreed. Shouldn't jump to conclusions so quick... my bad!