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  1. John Tavares is this weeks zero. He has been held pointless his last 6 games and hasn't scored a goal in his last 12. He did, however, score in the shootout vs. Nashville, which hopefully will help his confidence... Tavares has just two goals and seven points in the past 28 games, when he seemingly ran into a kryptonite wall. The Olympic break should do him wonders. Ryan Kennedy says that Tavares is still the most important rookie in the league, because his overall impact on his team cannot be measured by stats alone... Do you think he is still a strong candidate for the Calder trophy?
  2. Sedin 'sisters' no more. These guys are for real.

    ???? Drake Im sorry but I am not spamming. Merely creating conversation based on links to provide some information. Its my job. Don't worry about the links if you don't care.
  3. Sedin 'sisters' no more. These guys are for real.

    LOL. Yes careful with the Ginger call. I Agree though the next step is for them to flourish in the playoffs and really prove their strengths.
  4. Henrik Sedin is a Hero for the Month of January! He had 25 points in the month and this not only gave him a league-high 78, but moved him within 4 points of his best-ever season. NHL named him 2nd star for the month... He and his brother Daniel toyed with the Maple Leafs this weekend in a 3-0 come from behind victory in the third period. They have come a long way over their 9 seasons in the NHL and owe a lot of their recent success to their swedish friend Mats Sundin... With the Canucks win streak at 7 and having a few other players flourishing, do you think they are Stanley Cup worthy this year?
  5. Ottawa's goaltending: Brian Elliott

    Brian Elliott is a hero this week! With 8 points he seems to have sufficiently taken over the number one goaltending spot in Ottawa. Elliott was given a golden opportunity last week with Pascal Leclaire injured and Mike Brodeur battling the flu. He took full advantage of it, leading the Senators with a 1.25 GAA and .957 save percentage in four straight wins. Writer James Gordon talks about the controversy that may arise upon Leclaire's return to his goaltending position... Do you think Ottawa should continue to start Elliott until he has a bad game?
  6. Ilya Kovalchuk struggles..A thrasher no longer?

    You think? Like any sport a star player is more recognizable wide spread and bringing them to cities in need of some talent can't hurt. I guess it is really over all how popular the sport is in the city. Being from Vancouver hockey is on everyones mind. To a previous comment made.. Chicago I think has enough offense for a cup already. Hossa was really the icing on the cake for them. The Kings have the cap space. As well The stars could use a new reliable goal scorer up front.
  7. Ilya Kovalchuk is this weeks zero. He is 6th in the NHL with 26 goals, but only has scored one in the past four games and is a minus-4 in that span, Chris Vivlamore says the Thrashers would love to keep him, but on a losing team in a losing market, what could they afford to pay? $10M? $7M? Conventional wisdom says they need a star to sell tickets in Atlanta, but they've got a star now and... how are those ticket sales going again? Do they need a star to sell tickets in Atlanta? Would a better team with no big names draw more or less? What do you think?