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  1. Why sign a sixth Dman?

    LOL inferior dman. Wasn't he paired with Ryan Suter? Suter was an alternate captain and I would absolutely LOVE to have him in our top 4. Extremely underrated defenceman. There is also a reason he is paired with one of the best defencemen of all time... and it's not because of his stellar defence.
  2. Think he's got his priorities a bit mixed up. Helm and abby should be a done deal before the others get signed.
  3. I think he should be given a shot as a 2nd line center. And although this idea probably won't be too popular I'd like to see Holmstrom on the 4th line/1st unit pp. He's had too many injuries the past few years and to be honest isn't all that useful 5 on 5. Give him some rest and play him heavily on the pp, where he's most useful. Datstuk-Zetterburg-Cleary Hudler-Filppula-Franzen Bertuzzi-Helm-Eaves Holmstrom-Abdelkader-Draper/Ritola Helm and Eaves have good chemistry and should both improve next season. Helm was looking decent as a 3rd line center in the playoffs. With the offence created by the first 2 lines the bottom 6 wont be relied upon as heavily. All they have to worry about is playing D, banging bodies, and tryng to get a good cycle going. There is enough skill in the bottom 6 that points will come. Swap out Cleary for Holmstrom on the 1st pp, 2nd pp is 2nd line.. maybe Bert in for Filppula with Hudler at center. We all know babs likes to have his pp units looking similar to his lines so this way we have a strong top 6, and 2 strong pp units.
  4. any updates on helm & abdelkader?

    Helm had 72gp 10 14 24 in his draft year Ferraro had 68gp 37 18 55 in his draft year That's the difference. Ferraro should have 40+ goals this season and play WJC this year.
  5. Holmstrom signs 2 year extension

    Good price for homer, hopefully he can contribute on the 2nd year of the deal as well. Top 6 is set, if we don't bring back Bert we need to at least replace him with size!! Although he wasn't overly physical he is a big boy and because of that is harder to play against, and makes the team harder to play against. He did play a bit more physical in the playoffs too. Wings are a small enough team as it is so if Bert leaves someone like Raffi Torres or Owen Nolan (although don't think he'll leave the wild) has to be brought in.
  6. Bowman was their Assistant GM and had been for a few years prior to his promotion. I do remember reading that as their assistant he was supposed to be very knowledgeable on the cap so maybe that's what you're thinking of.
  7. This should make a big difference next year on the pp! Have dats and Z with net presence (cleary/homer) on the first unit and have huds and franzen with (flip/cleary/homer) on the 2nd unit.
  8. Good old Regular Season Joe

    I prefer "No Show Joe" as he usually doesn't remember to show up come playoffs. Though it's not as fun making for of him when his team did beat us in 5 games.
  9. Wings sign Mattias Ritola

    After his starts in the playoffs it is extremely unlikely that he would go unclaimed. Other teams gm/scouts: "hey look, the red wings have placed some young swede on waivers" "hmm... never heard of him" *looks up ritola* "it says here he played in a few playoff games, thats kind of impressive" *watches game tape of playoff games* "hey he looked pretty good, whats his contract like?" "3 years dirt cheap" "claim him!!!!!!!"
  10. Daniel Larsson going to Sweden

    Seem to recall him outplaying Howard during Howards last season in the AHL. I think if things went a bit better this season he would have seen a few starts but due to a bit of bad luck (injuries, ozzie sucking balls) we were fighting for a playoff spot to the end and had no time to get a better look at a rookie goalie. Normally I would blame the wings brass for not giving him a chance, but the way this season went there wasn't much they could do. I honestly think he would have made a good goalie and would have felt fine about him backing up Howard next season if ozzies contract had expired. And McCollum was brutal this year, hopefully his 2nd season is wayyy better or it's going to be another year in last place for the griffins.
  11. Youngest Staal traded to Carolina

    Good value for a 5th in my opinion, considering we got a 5th + OKT for Leino. Staal is big, has good bloodlines and his older brothers always spoke really well of him.
  12. Worst Hockey Preview Ever?

    This is hilarious... No mention of Datsyuk, Z or Franzen. Haha I'm just picturing the Yotes putting someone to shadow Homer and Bert and leaving Dats + Franzen and Z + Flip do what they want.
  13. Draper.....

    Was it last playoffs or the playoffs before that he scored a goal off his face? Maybe he'll get another one off the jaw in playoffs cause there is no way in hell that slapshot of his is finding the back of the net.
  14. Osgood to start Sunday

  15. Jeremy Williams

    He couldnt make it in TO and the wings called up 3 guys ahead of him (abby, ritola, newbury). He is a good minor league player but will not play for the wings. His was only a 1 yr deal so I wouldnt be surprised if he's not back.