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  1. I'm taking the wife down to the Joe for this one! Go Wings!!
  2. Lidstrom is replacing himself this year. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it. Ian White is DEFINITELY not the guy. Holland knows full well that he'll need a top notch Dman to even come close. He'll work his magic next summer.
  3. Today was the attempt to try to not move from Miami in the next 2-3 years and get SOMETHING going in their tiny fan base. Even if they make the playoffs in the eight seed, they won't put up enough of a showing to succeed.
  4. My thoughts exactly
  5. I like hearing "Meech to Winnepeg" better than "Meech to Atlanta"...It sounds more hockey-friendly
  6. Jagr to Philly
  7. Ian White might be a solid pick up. However, I'm waiting for a trade.
  8. I don't really care for the numbers, but I'm glad the big guy is coming back. I think if he is used in a way that would let him use his big shot, he would be much more of an offensive asset. Defensively...Yea, lets go with a new D coach and see what happens. I'm optimistic but skeptical of the price. Edit: typo
  9. This will be the first game on my new HDTV! Lets go Red Wings!!!
  10. 4-2 win for the good guys!
  11. Oh well, I have a lot of homework tonight anyway...
  12. I just puked a little seeing the Big House full of fans in red, but then I swallowed it remembering that it would be the Red Wings. I voted Big House. The view is fine from everywhere. I've had football seats up there and couldn't complain (about the view...The 2008 Michigan team on the other hand....) Anyway, I'd wait a year or two for Toronto to get a little better and then have them come play us. I really don't know why, but I love watching Leafs-Wings match ups.
  13. I love how they play Top Jimmy by Van Halen after Howard does something awesome...
  14. Of all the creepy things that man says/does...How has he not been let go?