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  1. Rick D

    2/25 GDT - Wings @ Blackhawks (6:00 PM) EST

    Chicago broadcast on the NHL network. Makes me want to put a gun in my mouth.
  2. Rick D

    2/19 GDT - Wings @ Kraken (3:30 PM EST)

    Gotta love these ESPN games…
  3. Rick D

    2/10 GDT - Canucks @ Wings (1:00 PM EST)

    I got called into the shop right after the 2nd. I just got home……
  4. Rick D

    2/10 GDT - Canucks @ Wings (1:00 PM EST)

    Who just posted a couple days ago about us missing Hronek? And now Suter ffs.
  5. Rick D

    Dallas Restars vs Detroit Earning Their Red Wings

    We used to draft exactly like them.
  6. Rick D

    1/17 GDT - Wings @ Panthers (7:00 PM EST)

    Get it together NHL.
  7. Rick D

    1/17 GDT - Wings @ Panthers (7:00 PM EST)

    Literally just bulls***ting with each other. Just having their own conversation over the top of the game.
  8. Rick D

    1/11 GDT - Oilers @ Wings (7:00 PM EST)

    I’m starting to hate Ghost. He is always so far out of position at the point. I have also never seen a defender pinch so deep, he just seems irresponsible.
  9. Rick D

    GDT Red Wings @ Ducks 1/7/24

    When does the league start to do something about all of these hits in the back?
  10. Rick D

    12/27 GDT - Wings @ Wild (8:00 PM EST)

    It’s too late, they are overripe.
  11. Rick D

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    This made me LOL for real =)