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  1. That's a good question, hopefully we don't have to miss it.
  2. Rick D

    Moose vs. Mantha

    Does anyone remember the announcers on Versus calling Franzen "Moose" instead of mule? Ever since then he has been moose to me.
  3. Didn't Maltby score 50 goals in juniors? This dude is living in the past, hopefully he doesn't think what he did 10 years ago will keep him from being replaced today.
  4. Rick D

    10/11 GDT - Maple Leafs at Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Like as good as the Lions in 2008?
  5. Rick D

    Red Wings vs. Maple Leafs - October 11/2018

    This is what i did last time as well. Hotel, Casino, Food all in one place, they have shuttles to the game. It makes things really easy.
  6. Rick D

    10/4 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:30 PM EST

  7. Rick D


    If you put all three of them on one line who is going to play "net front presence" on the other lines?
  8. Rick D

    New Lettering

    I was waiting for this post =)
  9. I’ll be in section 101, row 16. Wife killed it with the Birthday present this year!!