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  1. LGRW!! BTW that Epcot video is epic!
  2. Rick D

    Wings Monthly Schedule Desktop Backgrounds

    https://www.nhl.com/redwings/multimedia/wallpapers I thought they used to have schedule wallpapers on the multimedia section of the RW site. It looks like they aren't on there anymore either
  3. Rick D

    If you had the choice...

    #1 It would be nice to have hockey back in Houston.
  4. Rick D

    Mickey on Drew & Mike podcast.

    https://drewandmikepodcast.com/drew-and-mike-december-11-2018/ If anyone is interested. Mick talks a little bit about LCA, Stevie Y coming back to Detroit. It's a pretty good listen, only about 30 mins right at the beginning.
  5. I'm back (new computer at work). LGRW!!