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  1. Rick D

    11/12/22 - Wings at Kings 10:30 EST

  2. Rick D

    Phoenix Coyotes To Be Renamed Arizona Coyotes

    Move them to Houston. 4th largest city in the US. Everyone here is from up north somewhere. The Aeros used to do really well here before the Wild moved them closer to home. There is a proper arena with an owner who has an interest in bringing hockey here. I think it would work better than most people think, Dallas is doing pretty well still.
  3. Rick D

    Red Wings Fired AL Sobotka

    For decades, at the end of the night they filled the urinals at the Joe with ice. Everyone loved drilling holes in that ice. Don't fire the dude if he feel nostalgic every time he sees a pile of ice. The urge to drill those holes can be overwhelming.
  4. Rick D

    GDT 3/24/22 - Red Wings v. Islanders:

    At this point, we are playing for a draft pick. Embrace the tank.
  5. Rick D

    Eddog vs. Seider

    These are the 2 I was thinking of when I asked the question. It looks like we are better off now than we were back then already!
  6. Rick D

    GDT: Wild Wings

    Who do we play in his place? This might be a good chance to get a look at some guys in GR and start a proper tank.
  7. Rick D

    Eddog vs. Seider

    I was just thinking the same thing, what a good position to be in. When was the last time we had 2 defensemen we could be this excited about?
  8. Rick D

    Pilgrimage to Detroit - Must Do Things

    I have: Datsyuk from the first WC Zetterberg from the 2nd WC 2 Larkin, one for me and one for R2 I'm trying to decide between Seider and Raymond next, they both keep going back and forth as my favorite rookie.
  9. Rick D

    Pilgrimage to Detroit - Must Do Things

    Last time I was there we stayed at Greektown. It was pretty nice, and they offered shuttles to the game.
  10. Rick D

    New New Prospects Thread

    There's nothing like not rewarding players when they are doing well to help boost their confidence. Man Blash is good at handling our young talent.
  11. Rick D


    This is just a bit more than what Helm/ Abby were making here, and I think he brings a lot more than those guys did. This looks like a pretty good deal to me.
  12. Rick D

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    They can use the Astros old logo.
  13. Rick D

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*