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  1. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    I was thinking this same thing about the top line. It looks like everyone is looking to set-up someone else. I wonder if Z on the 2nd line setting up Frk and Mantha would make more sense. Larkin on the 1st line would add a bit of speed, and it would keep Tatar and Nyquist from deferring to Z all the time.
  2. Drew Miller on Waivers

    Him or Nill. He could play w Eaves again who has been having a pretty good season.
  3. 1/5 GDT - Red Wings at Kings - 10:30 PM EST

    I was saying this same thing last night, and when we get 43 / 8 back slide one of them in at C and sit 15.
  4. 10/13 GDT : at Tampa Bay Lighting 6, Red Wings 4

    "Maltby scored 50 goals in jrs." I thought I'd never hear that line again.
  5. Sent $25. Thanks again for setting all of this up.
  6. Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    C'mon... Hudler!!
  7. It has been wingsdiva@gmail.com in the past, but I would wait for an update from her before I just sent money to anywhere hehe. Did we ever decide where we are donating to this year??
  8. $2.25 Datsyuk goal = 0 $2.25 Tatar goal = 0 $1.25 Rookie goal (Larkin, AA) = 2.50 $1.25 Every game Mantha plays = 0 $1.25 Every game Andersson doesn't play = 0 $1.25 Red Wing PPG = 1.25 $2.25 Red Wing SHG = 0 $2.25 If Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Washington go out in the first round $5.25 Red Wing shutout = 5.25 $10.25 Red Wing series win = 0 $10.25 If someone fights Tyler Johnson (I'll Update this one per series) = 0 $25.25 Stanley Cup win = 0 I am at $9 after the series, but Chicago still might get knocked out. I'm just going to round up to $25 and be done w hockey for the season.
  9. I hate Tyler Johnson

    I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way. I want to see him get punched in the face so so bad and I don't even know why. Every time there is a pile up of guys, he is always the one on the outside yelling stuff into the crowd, but he's just out of arms reach for anyone to smash him. I hope someone can cost me $10.25 and give this guy a proper beat down.
  10. LGRW!! A win tonight would be awesome.
  11. $2.25 Datsyuk goal $2.25 Tatar goal $1.25 Rookie goal (Larkin, AA) $1.25 Every game Mantha plays $1.25 Every game Andersson doesn't play $1.25 Red Wing PPG $2.25 Red Wing SHG $2.25 If Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Washington go out in the first round $5.25 Red Wing shutout $10.25 Red Wing series win $10.25 If someone fights Tyler Johnson (I'll Update this one per series) $25.25 Stanley Cup win
  12. It's not perfect, but it works on iPhones. Thanks again Matt, these backgrounds are the best!
  13. Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

    I thought Ozzy was the one who said this? very very very....
  14. Abby is back. Hopefully he punches Callihan in the face. LGRW!!
  15. Zetterberg leaves after 2nd Period; "upper body injury"

    What about a Smith thread? He seemed to hit his pretty hard on the ice when he went down last night. Any word on his status?? Never mind. Found it in last nights GDT