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    well at least we are facing the less hot goaltender....I was kinda afraid of Turco and his shut out streak
  2. Post-GAME 6: 4/21 Red Wings 2, Flames 1 (2OT)

    double post sorry
  3. Post-GAME 6: 4/21 Red Wings 2, Flames 1 (2OT)

    so i need to know...if dallas wins we play friday if they lose it could be either thursday or friday.....i hope we play friday, my sister's buddy is taking my to a couple of games in round two, but I can't go thursday....does anyone remember what they said about starting round two
  4. Zetterberg to return this Sunday?

    better not be a bad april fools joke
  5. Wings Mini Stanley Cup Banners

    i dont know i got mine at a sports memorabillia store....two Lindsay and Abel....autographed
  6. who will be not dressed once sam is back ?

    so i suppose kopecky is done for the year now for sure?!?! there is no room at all now
  7. Line ideas, anyone?

    according to fsn postgame.... dats - hank - homer franz - lang - bert malts - drapes - sammy cleary - flip - calder
  8. Rookies Unlikely to Play on Second Line

    how about this for a second line....huds-flip-franzen to me it looks a lot like our first line but younger.....i think it would work great
  9. Sports Autographs

    yea sorry my bad...i didnt see the trading post until i posted there....we can lock this one up since i already posted it in the trading post
  10. Local Sports memorabillia

    i forgot i also have a justin verlander
  11. Local Sports memorabillia

    does anyone collect sports autographs....i need the money for books and school.... I have Ted Lindsay, Wayne Gretzky, Jim Abbot and Sparky Anderson please contact me.....
  12. Sports Autographs

    I have autographs from Ted Lindsay, Wayne Gretzky, Sparky Anderson, and Jim Abbot for sale. I need the money for school so I have decided to sell my collection. If anyone is interested please contact me.