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  1. Kovalchuk headed out of Atlanta

    Most likely its not detroit, but say if it were, who would we have to give up, not counting the 1.5 mill we need to move for the mule and the pilon, but and i know alot of you are going to cry, but in a salary cap world i am sorry but cleary and filpulla are not worth it, between the two they tie up 5.8 million, throw in a lebda and or a pick and get him here, then next year you have freed yourself of almost 6 million in cap space, which should be able to replace one of them and or another defensemen if lidstorm retires,, all kinds of possibilities, but we still have the ozzie and howie, then ericsson, rafalski, stewie, kronner, zetts, dats, franzen, homer, drapes, leino, eaves, miller, helm, if resigned - bert and williams, just tons of possibilities, but really cleary and filps kinda suck and some picks