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  1. Nathan MacKinnon

    This kid has been dubbed the next Crosby for a long time now, almost a year. Most hockey fans should have heard of him by now. I won't get into the ridiculous hype and expectations being put on him but every hockey fan should probably know his name already. TSN did some features on him a few months ago.
  2. Rick Rypien found dead

    Not a homicide
  3. (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) San Jose Sharks

    Fine, my bad. I'm far from angry though. If you were in the same situation you may not always catch "tongue in cheek" posts about choking. Most people only bring up the past two Chicago series in the recent choke talks, not too many talk about this year, so that's the first thing I think when people talk about choking. In fact, most media around here primarily focus on the "not getting out of the second round" part. Yeah, we almost choked against the Hawks this year, but we didn't, so I skipped over it. I'll freely admit the Canucks are underachievers but the choke label is damn annoying. This is the highest seed we've ever been and as I mentioned, in recent years, we haven't lost to a team that had fewer points than us in the regular season. I don't feel the need to compare this team with the ones in early 2000 when the core was completely different. The Sedin's are the only players from that time still playing and they were pretty much third liners at the time. Don't get me started on Dan Cloutier. I am probably the biggest Luongo hater but he is still miles ahead of Cloutier or anything we had in goal in that era. I agree the Minnesota series was a complete choke. But being put in the conversation with the Sharks or Caps, who have been a top team in the league for several seasons, yet never did anything with it is a bit annoying. I would even consider the Bruins, prior to this year, as pretty bad chokers. The Canucks have been a decent to good team in the post lockout era but have never been in the tops of the league. Second round exits, albeit disappointing, is as expected. 1 and 2 are supposed to be in the conference final, this is the first year we were in that position and we've at least gotten there (obviously hope to go further). Whatever, maybe I'm just tired and surrounded by too many Oilers fans (man are they are desperate to see the Canucks fall).
  4. (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) San Jose Sharks

    So mature. Apparently you need everything spelled out for you. I didn't say they played the defending Stanley Cup Champions. But if you're going to be all pissy about it then fine, teams that went on to win the Cup.
  5. (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) San Jose Sharks

    WTF are you talking about? How does Nashville factor into this. a) we beat them and b) we are talking about past year's "chokes". Chicago won the Cup last year. Anaheim in 06-07. And if you want to extend it further back to include your so called modern chokes, that Detroit team in 01-02 won the cup. The Colorado Avalanche in 00-01 won the cup. The only two teams we've lost to in recent seasons who didn't win the Cup was the 02-03 Wild and 08-09 Blackhawks. Minnesota was a choke, WHICH I MENTIONED (not directly but I did mention them as being the team we lost to who was below us). Not denying that one. Against Detroit, maybe, but you guys were by far the better team. We were the 8th seed and you were the President's trophy winners. The fact we were up 2-0 was a miracle. That was a completely different team aside from the Sedin's, so no, why should I bring them up? But apparently what you do with a completely different team almost ten years ago is the most important factor, not recent history.
  6. (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) San Jose Sharks

    Why are the Canucks choke artists? Yeah, they had issue getting out of the second round. Who did they play exactly in the second rounds? Oh, right, the Stanley Cup Champions (twice). All three times they lost to a team that was better in the playoffs. If you want to go pre-lockout then they only lost once since the start of 2000 to a team that was below them in the standings.
  7. Derek Boogaard found dead

    What else to say, horrible news. RIP. russostrib Awful news: Derek Boogaard was found dead today in his Minneapolis apartment by members of his family. He was 28.
  8. Nashville vs. Vancouver

  9. 3/23 GDT: Canucks 2 at Red Wings 1

    Agreed, I really don't think either team brought their best to the table. I could see Daniel taking the game off if he wasn't in the Art Ross race. I see so many people putting some much emphasis on last night's game. To me it really just looked like two teams in safe position going through the motions. Each team had some pushes.
  10. 3/23 GDT: Canucks 2 at Red Wings 1

    You're kidding right? They were missing two of their top six D-men, including their #1 in Edler. They were also missing their 2nd line RW, 3rd line C (one of the best in the league) and 4th line LW. Sure they may not be missing the offensive depth as the Wings with Datsyuk, Franzen and Bertuzzi but to say the Canucks were healthy is a joke. I know Edler and Alberts have been out so long that people overlook that they're still out. TSN commentators mentioned that the Wings have yet to play a full lineup with the players they want. It's the same with the Canucks. Salo was out all year, lots of players missed time here and there as well. When Salo came back Edler was out and now Malhotra is done for the year so it won't happen at all.
  11. 11/6 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 6

    The Canucks went through the same thing. 1 game in 9 days (2 in 11). They just did their three in four nights (vs NJD, @ EDM, @ COL) and tonight was their fourth game in six nights. Very similar situations for both teams. Don't know what the NHL is thinking sometimes.
  12. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    I haven't seen it brought up (half asleep) but the Wings draft 21st.
  13. Western Conference Goalie Playoff Experience

    Bryzgalov is .643 (9-5) Nabokov is .508 (32-31) Luongo is .500 (11-11)
  14. Flames laying a beating on Caps

    Flames realistically can only hope the Avs/Kings/Preds falter. If the Avs lose tonight they'll have a 4 point gap with a game in hand on the Flames. Could still make things interesting but it's still too late. Although I would prefer the Flames succeed enough that Sutter stays so that he can wreck the team further.
  15. this is gonna be fun

    Vancouver ranks 2nd in the league for goals per game, ahead of San Jose and Chicago. They also have six players with 20+ goals. Only Washington has as many. I think Wings vs Hawks would be a great match up in terms of entertainment. Wings should easily be able to handle the Sharks, they don't impress me in the least. Phoenix is young and are similar to the Canucks of 06-07. Strong goaltending with a pretty weak offense. They've also had a ton of success in the shootout, something they won't get in the playoffs.