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  1. What the heck kind of name is that lol

  2. Separated at Birth?

    I've always thought Trotz looked like and obese vampire.
  3. 2/2 GDT: Franzen 5 + Red Wings 2 (7) at Senators (5)

    Howard needs to get up a whole lot quicker, but Helm totally muffed getting that puck out.
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning unveil new logo / jersey

    Not a fan. First thought was this:
  5. All About Eaves

    I'd like to see a line of Eaves, Franzen, and Zetterberg. Eaves' first two goals tonight came when that trio was out on the ice and Franzen set him up nicely on both goals.
  6. 12/27 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Avalanche 3 (OT)

    That goal was bulls***. Blatant interference 2 seconds before they scored.
  7. Other Teams, Love em? or Hate em?

    I don't think they're a rival to the Red Wings or anything even close, but you know that they're one of only three teams in the West with 13 wins right now, right? They're actually playing really good hockey at the moment. Much better than "CHL" level. Get up to date and don't just let their past failure dictate what you think of them.
  8. Interesting Stat

    While I was looking at the standings for this year the other day, I came across a really interesting stat. Out of the top 5 teams in the West, Detroit is the only team to have not played any teams from the Eastern Conference, while the other teams have all played 5-7 games against what many to believe is a much inferior Eastern Conference. Here are the records. 1. LA : 24 pts : 5-0-0 against Eastern Conference 2. Det : 23 pts : 0-0-0 against Eastern Conference 3. Van : 23 pts : 5-1-1 against Eastern Conference 4. Anh : 22 pts : 4-1-1 against Eastern Conference 5. Stl : 21 pts : 5-0-0 against Eastern Conference What does this mean? Well, it could mean absolutely nothing, but what I want it to mean is that Detroit is getting the more quality wins right now against the opponents that really matter, while the other teams are beating up on the other conference and playing mediocre hockey against teams from their division/conference. Like I said, it could mean nothing, but I thought it was interesting enough to at least point out.
  9. stupid stuff other teams announce crews say.

    That article was so stupid. I get more and more turned off to Puckdaddy every day. Did he really throw in a "not..." at the end of the fight call? Holy smokes.
  10. Music at the Joe

    They played about 8 different Metallica songs last night. Even doubling up on a few of them. I was like ...but then I was like
  11. Babcock's Take

  12. Joe Kocur

    His kids play hockey at the rink that I work at. He's there just about every weekend. Funny story actually. A few weekends ago a lady locked her keys in her car and was asking some of us for help. One of my co-workers pointed and said, "Joey Kocur"s out in the lobby, you can ask him if he'll punch through the window for ya." She took him a little too seriously and went and asked Kocur if he'd do it. He just laughed and said, "Maybe if we were in Detroit..." I've joked with him once or twice, but am usually too scared that his hand is just gonna come flying straight at my face.
  13. Wings should sign Paul Kariya

    He can still do this.
  14. Riley Sheahan puck-tricks

    Holy smokes! That one handed spin was pretty incredible.
  15. How are you dealing with the off-season?

    I was having trouble thinking of a forum name and I had been going on and on that day about how I just wanted FSN to "Get Rid Of Mickey". Don't get me wrong, I love Mickey, but sometimes he just drives me crazy with some of the stuff he says!