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  1. evilmrt

    Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    LOL at Holland losing Nosek for nothing while Helene St. James criticises him in the Free Press. Poor Kenny.
  2. This team started to suffer around the time Mr. I's health started to fail and he could only give what little energy he had left to the Tigers. We all thought Chris would turn things around, and he didn't. Now his dad is gone, and he doesn't have to run anything by anyone (if that was his excuse)...time to stop playing the status quo game.
  3. Hey guys, this came on at 5am local time. Anyone have an archived recording I can watch? thanks
  4. evilmrt

    NHL will not participate in 2018 Winter Olympics

    i really do hate Bettman. SOB cheats me out of an opportunity to watch some of my favorite players in my own time zone. Thanks you jerkoff. Meanwhile...
  5. evilmrt

    Ken Hitchcock fired as coach of Blues

  6. evilmrt

    The Dead Wings.

    What a dumb topic. You forfeit your right to freak out based on one criteria: The Maple Laffs are worse.
  7. evilmrt

    11/2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Flyers 4 (OT)

  8. evilmrt

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Holland needs to retire. Or, he can keep giving away stuff for free instead of getting a return. Whichever works for you guys.
  9. evilmrt

    Steve Ott signs 1 year, $800k deal with Detroit

    Okay. Where's the d-man
  10. evilmrt

    Thomas Vanek signs 1 year, $2.6m deal with Detroit

    Well, this is good. I'm not sure how Holland didn't sign Vanek for 10 years. Is there any cap room left for a much needed blue line upgrade?
  11. Excuse me, but why the flying frack did we get a 32 yr old for a 6 year contract? #fireholland
  12. evilmrt

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Hey guys. Just realized we gave up Chychrun for Helm.
  13. evilmrt

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Holland is like a guy who got turned down repeatedly after half-heartedly inviting girls to the prom, so he suddenly proposes to his old ex gf.
  14. evilmrt

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Dan Rosen just tweeting that we signed Helm for 4 mil, but don't even have a 1st or 2nd line C. Lol