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  1. i hate chicago stricly because i hate hossa. i would love for san jose to beat them and theres only two other teams i like in the NHL, Boston, and Philly. So i would really love for it to be Philly and San Jose in the finals and for philly to take the cup.
  2. honetly.... what are the chances of us bringin back this series?
  3. i felt the exact same way!!!!
  4. if theres anything ive learned over the years, or should i say my lifetime of being a Detroit Red Wings fan is that we alway somehow seem to be the kings of comebacks. No matter how low we get we always seem to come back. With a terrible season where everyone is saying how this will be the first time in almost two decades that the red wings didnt make the playoffs, we come back and here we are in the second round still going, sure were down two games but come on, were the friggin detroit red wings! i have absolutely 100% faith in our boys, and ill be watching and screaming along with all of you tonight!!!!!! GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. it depends on if youre going for the authentic look! if you are then go with the 97 patch, if youre a dedicated fan then i think the BELIEVE patch would me an amazing choice. but its alllll up to you!
  6. its gonna be a hell of a tough series! but i have huuuge faith in our boys! LETS GO WINGS!!! just win, thats all i want. but heres my guess.... Wings in 5 Game 1- Wings 3 Sharks 1 Game 2- Wings 5 Sharks 4 OT Game 3- Sharks 3 Wings 2 Game 4- Wings 5 Sharks 3 Game 5- Sharks 1 Wings 2 OT
  7. Why is everybody so intent on having Hudler back? i dont think thats what we need. i think that abdelkader should train hard this off season and bring him up to atleast the 3rd line. I think he has amazing potential, hes so young, has so much heart and is such a great defensive forward.