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  1. hookah

    Wings sign Ruslan Salei

    countless times i saw our guys standing around playing with their balls and letting the other team get good in close opportunities. Obviously witht the personnel we currently have on D right now this isn't possible, but our guys have to make the front of the net a living hell to be in, kinda like what homer puts up with. right now it's more of a country club atmosphere in front of our net. Raffi is the guy who carries your bag when you arrive. However, this shall change in the next few years with the smiths, lasshoffs, erdhardts, nicastro, kolosolovs, coming up.
  2. hookah

    Wings sign Ruslan Salei

    not all defensemen can do it. Just look at our defensemen with the exception of stuart. they suck at clearing the crease. Lids gets a pass because of his excellent stick work.