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  1. 8Hossa1

    Goaltender interference? Nah.

    That actually might be the worst case of goalie interference I've seen.
  2. 8Hossa1

    Mike Babcock puts third line on notice

    Yeah I was reading his comment like wait what? lol And haha Zetterberg a power foward, good god.. Yeah thanks I guess I will have to ignore what he says.
  3. 8Hossa1

    Mike Babcock puts third line on notice

    What you just said has nothing to do with what people are trying to tell you. Cleary always goes to the front of the net I think you need to open them eyes and watch the game. He doesn't get hit or whacked because the play happened so fast, and Pavel got real close with a great move. Also if the goalie whacks his legs that close he exposes his 5 hole with ease. And I think you should know if Pavel sees it he'll put it there.