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    Kane likely out for weeks

    While the Wings are our obvious favorites, why is it a crime to like more than one team? I follow a few teams, I don't cheer for them when they play the Wings, but if you're open to more than one team, then almost every night can be hockey night. Its really sad to see so many great players on the injured list, and I mean among all teams. These are the players that not only do people pay to go see, but they are keys to their team's front line. Personally, I can't wait for Modono to get back to full strength, and according to the updates everything so far in his recovery is going smooth. I also wish Kane, as well as Hossa a speedy recovery. And here's to seeing Crosby get an injury so he has to miss a few.
  3. Razre

    Modano has severed flexor tendon

    Well, I didn't see that one coming, I was really hoping it was something minor. Here's to a fast recovery with as little variation as possible to delay his health.