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  1. Off the wall trade idea

    I kind of expected the idea would be unpopular. With the way Kindl has been playing the last few games I thought Babcock might be thinking of sitting him down. He's made lots of mistakes. I know he's young and learning but right now the Wings can't afford the learning curve. I think Kindl will be fine as a future player. Lilja could be #7. That's up to the coach. I also thought we may want to carry 8 D men just for insurance. I know this would all be impacted by Osgood's situation and whether or not we end up acquiring a 3rd goalie. Do the Wings try to get an experienced forward for the playoff run? Lots of variables. But I know Holland wanted to keep Lilja for the right price before he got Salei, So the Wings must have thought he was worth having. About your question, according to what I have seen Kindl is $833k, Lilja $600k
  2. Off the wall trade idea

    OK guys, I'm a newbie here and decided to take a shot at a trade idea. I see that the Ducks are carrying 9 defensemen and, according to Spector, Andreas Lilja may be the odd man out there. Considering the trouble that the Wings have had keeping defensemen healthy the last few years what would you think of Kenny making a trade to get him? I'm thinking a prospect, draft choice or both. We could either carry 8 D men or send Mursak or Kindl back down when Modano gets back. (assuming Mursak or Kindl can go down without clearing waivers; I don't know) Lilja is cheaper than Kindl or Mursak and would free up a little cap space. And he's a UFA next year so if he doesn't work out he's gone and if he does he can probably be resigned for a decent price. I'd like to think he learned his lesson turning down the last offer from the Wings. So go ahead and let me have it. Be gentle