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  1. video of Datsyuk's second goal

    Does anyone have a video of the FSN Detroit coverage of Pavel Datsyuk's second goal last night? I'm looking for something that has all of the followup replays, not just the live version as shown by's highlights. Thanks!
  2. Tootoo on Draper

    I'll send it to whoever I can, if I can get the video.
  3. Tootoo on Draper

    Just before Chris Chelios' interference penalty at 15:31 of the first period.
  4. Tootoo on Draper

    Does anyone have a video of when Jordin Tootoo stepped on Kris Draper last night? I want to send it in to the League to see if we can't get some justice similar to how Pronger was caught a couple days later. Thanks!
  5. Calder Injured?

    There is a report out of Toronto that Samuelsson and Calder both are dealing with broken hands. The team is denying it, but it's obviously a possibility, given their usual secrecy. Both of them are still expected to play tomorrow, as of today. That could change after practice.
  6. Whats up with Maltby

    Maltby doesn't fight because his eye is one punch away from going blind after he took a stick in it years ago. That's also why he wears a visor. It doesn't surprise me that the man values his career, not to mention his eye, more than the opinions of the kinds of hockey fans who call him a wimp.
  7. Could Bertuzzi play in Nashville games?

    I would say that there's no chance he'll play. During the broadcast for the Kings game, Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond said not to expect Bertuzzi or Zetterberg back until after the Vancouver/Calgary trip. That means a March 22nd return at the earliest. However important the games with the Preds are, it's more important to the Wings make sure Bertuzzi is fully healthy before he plays. They are going to err on the side of extra time, since they need him for the playoffs, not regular season showdowns with Nashville.
  8. Is Babcock a genius, delusional or stubborn?

    If you stop to think about what Babcock's saying, it doesn't sound that crazy. See the Calgary game. The Flames are generally one of the most physical teams in the League, but the Wings skated circles around them. They capitalized on their chances and the Flames couldn't play their game as effectively. Last night in Philly, the Wings were inept offensively and the Flyers were able to manhandle them at will. Babcock may be taking a bit of a shot at Holland there with that "two years" comment, but I think he's mostly right as far as "just playing" goes. When the Wings are playing their "A" or even "B" game, they're tough to beat, no matter how physical the opponent tries to be. The problem is, the Wings don't always show up to play and then they end up getting owned like they did last night, especially when they're tired and on the road. This team takes physical abuse better than any recent Detroit squad. What they need to work on is their stamina, so their back-to-back games aren't so much polar opposites. If they can't get any better at consistency, they'll have enormous troubles in the playoffs, obviously. No single deadline acquisition is going to make this team Calgary-tough, as some have pointed out elsewhere. They are still going to rely on skill and puck possession and try to make it work in the post-season. If some gritty team is what you want, say goodbye to the current Red Wings roster. It's a pipe dream to think that one or even two "tough" players "willing to grind it out along the boards" will change the team drastically. I'm personally pretty satisfied with the team and think that with a scoring winger, they have potential to do well when it matters, as long as they can get over this crap of sucking it up the second night of a back-to-back.