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  1. Getting to the Joe late?

    I've been to many playoff games, but due to scheduling conflicts, I won't be able to get to the parking garage until right before game time. It's for game 6 next monday. (Yes there will be game 6) Any suggestions or problems I might run into, getting there so late? Thank you
  2. Pasha's Legacy

    I agree that 91 and 13 were the most amazing, talented, and dominating players I've ever seen in Winged wheel. That said I dont think of them the same way I do 19 or 5. If Dats stays 5 more years I may rethink that.
  3. Players who showboat after scoring

    Depends on the goal. If your linemates did all the work and you were in the right place at the right time. Then no solo celabration. If you just deked a top pair defensemen and roofed it topshelf. Rock on!
  4. NHL comes back stronger than ever

    I didn't read all the numbers, but it sounds like they just took the numbers from late winter-early spring which they admit are the NHL's best time and compared them to full season numbers. Of course this season avg. Numbers are going to be better.
  5. Wow? First its Holland, then its Babs, and now Illitch. Who's next to blame for this travesty. It's called the current NHL. There's a couple teams that are pretty dominant this year and maybe next. You think they're not gonna have some cap trouble in the next couple yrs? All the middle teams are fairly equal. Exactly what the NHL wants. Teams are gonna have to build contenders from their own prospects a lot more than relying on rentals, unless your your current team is just a player away from being a contender, which the Wings are not. Another reason Holland is holding picks and prospects so close. Not that I think the op is right in anyway, but the Illitch family wants a World Series title more than anything for Mr I. And no one deserves it more than him.
  6. [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    A reliable source just told me they seen Bettman at the Joe painting "THANK YOU FANS" on the boards
  7. David Krejci assaulted by pane of glass

    Pane of glass will be back in for game 2. Told to stay in place and not cross the line for the remainder of playoffs.
  8. Wings meet Preds in First Round

    Driving to game 4 of the Wings-Sharks series last year, I told my wife "well at least we get to see the last Wings game of the year" They might have lost that series, but this team proved to me then that its loaded with heart and character thats not always easy to see. I'm not overconfident as a Wing fan, but you'd be nuts to be overconfident as a Preds fan. Wings in 7
  9. Babcock heaps praise on the value of Jonathan Ericsson

    Looking much much better since his return. Kindl makes us appreciate him more though. Ryan
  10. Needs to be said

    Getting healthy and getting on a roll is way more important than who they play in the first. If they lose like you suggest and continue the struggles, than we all know how the playoffs are going to unfold anyway. Ryan
  11. Which team would piss you off the most if they won the cup?

    The Pens for sure. Their fans already act like they're some kind of dynasty.
  12. Next Red Wings Property?

    Amen, brother!
  13. Babs sets defense pairings for camp

    I hope Kindl is 85ft wide or he'll have a tough time covering for the big pylon.
  14. Matt Bradley on Alexander Semin

    Dead on accurate though. Ryan
  15. Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

    So a team that was good enough to go 7 games with Tampa, let the 2nd best player in the league sit to prove a point? Pure genius.