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  1. I know that right now I am wishing that his name didn't have that extra n.
  2. Real question here, as I see Kenny getting lots of s*** about this pick. I'm truthfully not familiar with how an organization comes to decide on a pick and my guess is most here don't either, but for anyone that does: Is it actually Holland responsible for deciding on the pick? I'm sure he can veto it of course, but I would imagine that the scouts are the ones responsible more so than Holland. Not trolling, looking to be educated.
  3. Are you sure Rasmussen will get to play in the NHL before Larkin/AA/Mantha retire?
  4. Don't know anything about this guy, but haven't seen anyone on these boards say anything about him this evening as well. I imagine we're not supposed to be happy?
  5. I hope I'm wrong, but I have this feeling that Holland is about to trade back.
  6. I don't really know much about this draft class. What are a few people we're hoping to pick that are left?
  7. Right?? Easy #1 if that was the case.
  8. I'm not surprised that he's coming back. I've always been 50/50 on whether Stevie would return and still am (I can see him sticking to 1 team as a GM, just like he did as a player), but I just can't help but think (and hope) that maybe their letting Holland finish off his contract and then attempt to bring Stevie in. Their contracts expire at the same time and it doesn't make sense to bring another GM in only for a year, or bring another GM in now for several years and pass up the opportunity on Stevie. I'm basing this off of nothing, just a thought.
  9. The most you can drop is 3 spots. So the worst pick the Wings can end up with in this draft is 10th overall.
  10. My wife just shared this video with me, surprised that it hasn't been posted here yet.
  11. Well that sucks! Truthfully, I was expecting them to have the ability to swap out things like that with a push of a button, to make it more personalized for each team. It def won't make a Pistons fan out of me.
  12. Please tell me you're joking? I don't know what they are doing with the rafters in the LCA, but what I was imagining was, such it's such a modern and high tech building, that they can swap out what is hanging from the rafters with the push of a button. Now you kinda got me a little bummed, wondering if I'll be seeing Pistons stuff at the Wings game. Nothing against the Pistons, I'm just not an NBA guy.
  13. Come Home Stevie chant - my favorite one yet.
  14. Curious about why Journey wasn't played too. Surely there is a good reason for it? They mentioned that it'll be on before the end of the celebrations, but why not at the end of the game?