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  1. wingsfan2430

    Jersey Sale!

    Since the thread is from 2010 one would think it is the 2009 Jersey.
  2. wingsfan2430

    What would you do?...

    If I were Holland I would dump Sammy somewhere along with Eaves maybe even Cleary. Keep Tootoo in the system (we need strength and aggression). If needed bring up Nyquist for the rest of his contract and try to get him to resign with the Wings for a long term deal. Dumping Sammy and Cleary would help going forward. Looking back Mule was not too good of a signing.
  3. wingsfan2430

    WTB/WTTF Darren Helm Gear

    I want to acquire some more Darren Helm memorabilia. He is my favorite player and I simply want to collect his gear. I would like to get his pants, skates, and gloves. I have a few items of his and keep getting more through ebay but was hoping this may open a few more avenues to acquire more. I do have some items I could trade to get some more Helmer stuff depending on what it is. Feel free to PM me anything you have.
  4. wingsfan2430

    Red Wings Tattoo

    Here is mine... picture isn't great quality, I cropped the picture to just show my tattoo.
  5. wingsfan2430

    Illitch: Definitely a new arena coming

    Getting rid of the Joe is the same as getting rid of the Toledo Sports Arena (I'm from Toledo area). The places (JLA and TSA) are/were good for hockey, not for corporate events. I do not like that arenas are becoming so corporate driven especially in the names. Hockey fans are generally bluecollar people and not white collar so raising ticket prices is a bad idea. This is all simply my opinion.
  6. wingsfan2430

    '11 Home Opener

    First post on here for me. I will be there this Friday. I plan on heading to Hockeytown for lunch before hand as well. I have gone to opening night the last three years (since 2009 Stockholm Premiere and Home opener). Can't wait.