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  1. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    We can agree if Rasmussen could have played in the All last season he would have right ? So I wouldn’t look at Rasmussen playing in the nhl and say he’s a better prospect automatically ... I know you didn’t say that I’m just saying it brannstrom is regarded as one of the top prospects not in the nhl yet , outside that he’s an offensive dman who will probably play on the first ppl and be a point producer which I think a lot of teams would love to have , I know we can definetly use him in our system right now cause outside hronek don’t see who’s more a sure thing to hit 45-65pts .... hopefully cholowski Could be wrong but I see him as a future first pair dman with a ton of offensive upside from the back end and I personally think teams would value someone like that more than a Rasmussen type player
  2. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    We’ll have to yet again agree to disagree no point missed , it’s called a difference of opinion ... they might have had players in the same tier doesn’t mean when it comes time to select and they See zadina ahead of kotkaniemi on the list let’s say,even though they think zadina will have a better statistical career than kotkaniemi they think it won’t be that much better and since they desperately need to find a center and nobody will come here and teams aren’t trading #1centers they just decide to draft the player themselves if you don’t think teams never draft for need Then I don’t know what to tell you , we simply won’t agree on this .... I never said yzerman didn’t want seider at 6 he probably would have taken him at 2 after byram knowing kakko and hughes would be gone cause we were going to address out defence this draft plain and simple , same with #35 tuomisto Who was probably more like 15-25 on the wings list anyways is what it is and I hope it all works out for us
  3. That’s fair , figured a one year deal might be worth a risk and only if he was 100% stralman I’m fine with but I’d see him getting at least 2-3 years , I was trying to get guys on one year deals to flip at the deadline , if we can land 2 of those and get in on a clarkson/Callahan + flip ericsson/Daley/green sometime during the season we should have plenty of assets in a very deep 2020 draft
  4. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    By now everyone knows I was high on brannstrom and he’s the one I wanted (Probably Cause of my sweet spot for Swedes) but I’d have been happy with foote or valimaki , I wanted to target a dman that year cause or d’s been horrendous for the longest time maybe brannstrom ends up a 25-35 pt guy but I’m pretty sure if you asked 31 gms today including Stevie who they’d take and I’m sure they’d all say brannstrom ... but like we’ve all said it’s a wait and see approach for all these kids but I’d put my money on brannstrom being way better They obviously didn’t think kotkaniemi would be a 2c Which is why they took him also doesn’t mean they thought zadina would be a 2winger they were addressing a need , I live in Montreal so I saw all the media and interviews after , they been looking for a 1c for like 20 years so they finally were gonna address that need Cause it was quite obvious doing so by the draft was the only way it would ever happen so for them addressing the c was #1 priority , same as it seemed with Arizona , also heard them say drafting a C was the only way to get one .... so looks like we’re in agreement that they were addressing a need , which is what I also said about the wings drafting dmen this draft imo i personally wasn’t a big fan of Canadian guys and would have targeted podkolzin as everyone knows cause I thought he has future star written all over him and will turn heads in Vancouver with pettersson, But I’m not mad with seider I was hoping we’d have gotten another pick to take him , now I’m just hoping seider can be a dominate dman cause we need it
  5. nyqvististhefuture

    Red Wings Development Camp

    I thought I saw a forward sojka on the camp list ? Was he removed? Maybe I was dreaming haha
  6. any news on methot’s injury from last year? If he’s healthy I’d take him for one year if he gets back to what he was before he could turn into a 2nd or 3rd at the deadline
  7. nyqvististhefuture

    Rumors Thread

    If Tyler Myers gets 8 mill x7 the nhl should just stop now and have another lockout
  8. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    s*** might have been a little harsh but it has nothing to do with late round picks I just don’t see any “star appeal” ,we all know by now I was pushing hard for brannstrom, heck I’d have taken foote,valimaki or liljgren at that point as we had been ignoring our d problems it seemed since lidstrom left , I still hope Rasmussen turns it around and proves me wrong and becomes a 25-30 goal guy but I personally look at that list and see 5-7dmen and a 3rd liner , But we’ll see I hope petruzzelli hits but I’m not as confident, again I hope I’m wrong ... sure any year you hit 3+ should be considered a hit but for me if those hits are all bottom guys it’s nothing to write home about, just those guys in my eyes are easily attainable i never once said yzerman didn’t know what he was doing but said he was specifically targeting a need for this team regardless what he tells the media , if you don’t think that’s possible I don’t know what to tell you , habs openly admitted they took kotkaniemi to fill a need at C since drafting one was the only way to find a #1C , Arizona admitted it as well with Hayden ... it happens
  9. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    I was just giving an example but yes, for all we know they might have had Lavoie and some of the guys above tuomisto thinking they wouldn’t be there figured we don’t like that forward as much as we know we have to fill up the pool with good dmen , tuomisto’s close on our list let’s go .... hakan also said Wright was fighting for that pick at 35 so who knows who we would have taken before or after the draft? And yes our d is weaker than our forward group imo , oh and yes I’m well aware there were better ranked players at d than tuomisto and we took him cause we saw something , I’d just have preferred Matthew Robertson but we’ll see in 3-5 yrs what becomes of these picks like krs said prior and see if we f***ed up or not
  10. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Fair enough , also didn’t see star potential in 2017 and that’s turning into s*** ... win some lose some and I said I liked seider so there’s your one in 2019? Haha hope I’m wrong thoug Yes I’m well aware that it’s difficult to gauge where anyone will be in 1-5 years , I’m still entitled to my opinion like you said it’s hard to see what will be of these guys and some won’t make it but I still think we passed imo on guys with bigger upside and some teams took those guys around the same ballpark so they obviously saw something we didn’t anyways hopefully we find another dman outside of seider , something tells me johansson will be better than the 35th
  11. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    I think it’s quite obvious by our weak prospect pool at d that we did in fact target more need over bpa , and no I’m not mad about seider pick ,just think when they feed the media the it was the bpa on our list stuff they might love the kid but I don’t know If I’d believe that some picks were the best players on their lists , might have had 3-4 forwards on the list and then a dman they picked and think well the difference isn’t that much off in our eyes , Let’s take the d I firmly believe we went into this draft with the sole purpose to fill our cupboard up with dmen, that’s fine it’s something that had to be done with our past track record I just personally don’t see anyone outside seider with star upside from this draft , sure grewe can be a nice player but likely a 3rd liner and so on , but we’ll see what happens and on a side note , from here, other boards, twitter a lot of people seem to be excited about these d prospects as if there all locks to make the future roster with hronek,cholowski,mcisaac And it seems that everyone’s forgotten about 6’4 Alec regula who I still consider a pretty good prospect on our team and who should get a ton more responsibilities with London next season and that only means good things for his future and the wings
  12. nyqvististhefuture

    Red Wings Development Camp

    Nice to see some invites , Limoges had 50 pts in ncaa so maybe he might surprise .... hopefully they invite a few more guys , would have loved barinka who went undrafted and I still think he has upside to have a big season with all those 20 year old kids gone
  13. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    3 of the 4 first picks were dmen and with some of the names available on the board I don’t think that just so happened to be cause they were the bpa Can’t wait till out forward depth gets better next season with our lottery pick
  14. 110% agreed , sign a few guys to one year deals hope they have good enough seasons we can flip them for decent picks along with green and whoever else and while at it flip Daley and ericsson now, hicketts And saarijarvi If possible .... get Clarkson and/or Callahan for picks we had 11 picks this year we already have 9 I want a freakin collection in a supposed way better draft than 2019 was ... aim for 13-16 at this point with already at 9 and if we need to flip a few for 2021 later in the draft do so on draft day but we have a ton of garbage that we need to be rid of and we need to take teams other garbage at this point as well and yes at this stage where we are hard pass on Kadri
  15. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Can’t be dissapointed we didn’t end up drafting back to get extra picks ? Ya I’m well aware Holland would have taken him I’m just saying it sucks , that’s it that’s all