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  1. nyqvististhefuture

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Yzerman is thinking longterm and knows how important the 2020 draft is regardless what he says about opportunities were also stuck with s***ty contracts veleno,seider,zadina will all start down and likely see some games later in the year
  2. nyqvististhefuture

    News From Around the NHL

    So is wayne simmonds?
  3. nyqvististhefuture

    News From Around the NHL

    Looked good but Still preseason though so I won’t get too excited though over any one player just yet Got white in as well , melnyk trying to save $ and taking gambles on longterm deals now with the kids we should be doing that with some kids when possible
  4. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Training Camp

    If he becomes a 3c shutdown guy after we spent a top 10 pick on him when you consider the dmen that were available and how we been a disaster at that position since lidstrom left it would be a bust pick for me hope he proves me wrong and excels and at least becomes a 25 goal Ppl net front specialist but with the likes of veleno,zadina,berggren and likely a top 5 pick next season I fear your right and he will be a bottom 6 guy
  5. nyqvististhefuture

    News From Around the NHL

    Svechnikov + glendening (retain some $) ? think oilers are desperate to get in the playoffs and not continue to waste mcdavid away , Sooner or later he’ll demand a trade and I think glendening would greatly help the bottom 6 and penalty kill , svechnikov is of similar age anyways probably not near enough, heard some young guys out there who might be available in trade talks
  6. nyqvististhefuture

    Howard = Average

    Couldn’t care less about Howard so long as someone gets hurt this year or goalies under perform and yzerman can finally ship him out for some assets
  7. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    Well then I guess it’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard lol. Hoffman staying in the same division would have meant Karlsson would play Hoffman more and see him more than if he was sent to the west and I’m sure the stupid sens were still trying to please Karlsson and trying to keep him as a sen Never said it wasn’t, I said multiple occasions teams wouldn’t trade star players within a division but I think times are changing and you’ll see more moves within the division depending on the assets being moved Again , I don’t think a 25-31 pick is a “huge move “ if your getting back a much better deal from someone else other than the canes ... were just rehashing the same s*** over and over lol How the hell do I know who the leafs or any team will target in the third round a year from now lol, it’s always good to have that pick when the time comes ... you fail to see my point cause you don’t agree with me and that’s fine , just going around in circles here Ya from that list of spectacular players you posted I can see why the leafs or anyone else would trade within the division for the much better return when you have all that talent that made it 25-31? Lol boeser ...Theodore...pastranak....konecky , pretty much that’s all I’d consider to be a threat , hardly a reason to stop doing a deal that’s better for your own team All depends our current situation and who we might lose due to cap restraints , I personally would do it if we were the leafs and guaranteed to get a late pick , wtf have we done the last 20 + years picking 20-30 when we were at the top? Our draft record was horrible so I would if it meant keeping the gang together and going for another Stanley cup You keep saying it’s only a 12% advantage like it doesn’t mean something ... to me it does , we agree to disagree Again we’re just going around in circles and repeating the same stuff , we don’t agree, that’s it .
  8. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    I think might have been to do with Karlsson and Hoffman debacle? Maybe wanted Hoffman as far as possible to try and keep Karlsson ?im sure what your saying happens but I think it depends on the player and circumstances wings Tampa had the Erne deal ... sens Tampa had the Callahan deal ... the lucic/Neal deal ... the Ceci/zaitsev big player(s) deal ... gudas/Niskanen deal ... anyways I think it all depends on the situation but I think any gm would be foolish to not consider all trading partners if it’s beneficial for the team, if we traded say athanasiou to the sabres for ristolainen , something like that ... not saying I’d do that deal but just saying something that can help both teams shouldn’t be ignored if it’s the best deal for the teams involved I know the % isn’t that much higher but I’m saying if there’s someone you really like , or say maybe two players your hoping to target in the third round (if you still have your own 3rd) and know there’s a risk they won’t be there in the 4th-6th rounds then it’s always the best move to have a pick that’s 100 spots better , I get what your saying but I don’t think there has been many impact guys the last what 5 years from what I recall that were picked 25-31 , John Beecher for me comes to mind cause I wanted him so bad last year but as good of a shutdown guy he can be that might produce numbers better than expected I don’t think he’ll be popping 60+ Anyways again I get what your saying , maybe I’d be fired as a gm but if I was Dubas I’d take the 3rd back from the wings instead of the canes and not cause I’m a wings fan , I’d do the same if it was a deal with the sens But if Tampa didn’t have that 3rd, they wouldn’t have point , more earlier picks the better ... it’s always the teams job to get that guy Well to be fair who have the leafs traded of late that was worth talking about? J.v.r?bozak? Sundin was never dealt ... big impact guys are hardly dealt anymore by teams and signed longterm, I do think we’ll see more deals within the same conference and divisions yes im well aware the deal was made for the leafs to get that important cap space which is why they gave up the first I’m fixated again cause I think they might have moved up 100 spots in a deal if we sent a 3rd ... you could be 100% right , I could be right ... I know we’ll never know 100% for certain unless Dubas/yzerman said they talked to eachother and a deal would never have worked out between the two teams anyways all this back and forth is going nowhere lol we have two different opinions on this and that’s fine
  9. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    Just a heads up I don’t know how to fix it all nice like you did above so don’t hate my guts for my reply lol first the sakic stuff , we’ll never know if that was the case but yes probably but times have also changed , now there is only 4 divisions and your basically cancelling out 1/4 th of teams in the league you can deal with and doing yourself a disservice so I personally think that doesn’t apply any longer unless your talking about trading a mcdavid type star within your division ... a mid to late first or middle player or prospect I think teams would consider anything If the return was best for the team Grewe or soderblom ? Eliasson or brattstrom? I know if I was a gm I’d rather be drafting a 3rd rounder over a 6th any day . Yes it’s all a crapshoot at the end of the day but I’d rather pick 100 spots earlier and grab someone I got my eye on that might not be there later on and I’ll stick to that stance. Brayden point was a 3rd rounder, it’s that teams job to find that guy who slipped out of the first few rounds your 80% first rounder chance doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be a key point producer but I get your point and maybe your right and Dubas would have said no but we’ll never know. It’s not like he shipped him out west , again he helped a fellow eastern team and Carolina is on the rise and that division has a very good chance of having 5 playoff teams for the next 2-3 years at least so I don’t think it would have hurt the leafs if im Kyle Dubas I do my offer 24/7 2 times any day lol ... guess we won’t agree with this one . I’m sure we can agree our assets to use to get more picks for next draft is beyond mediocre and pisses me off personally which is why the marleau s*** bugs me and add the Callahan deal we were counting on collapsing ... was hoping somehow for nichushkin so he can have a good year and ship him off , it’s all green and Howard I’m hoping at this point somehow yzerman can pull off puljujarvi from the oilers , think with us adding filppula it might be a good time to land him with a Finnish veteran around he can communicate with, if he rebounds and becomes what teams thought he could be that instantly makes AA or someone like berggren available to get an important piece back outside of that Gardner x1 and goodbye on deadline day but I’m realistically expecting what we got right now to be it
  10. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    Why would I think Sakic is stupid? Ken Holland is the one who gave up a 1st for a guy he had and just previously let go . From what I remember I don’t think anyone was thrilled it’s givng up a 1st at the time for Kyle Well if you think by the 3rd the odds drop imagine in the 6th round? Leafs would give themselves 100 spots better to pick someone they might like who dropped or might not be there later hey that’s fine you don’t think they’d have pulled the trigger and that’s your opinion, mine is they’d do the smart thing and take the 100 spots better in the draft to move the player they so desperately wanna move , I think the wings are the least of tampa’s Concerns right now . It’s pretty much leafs bruins and Tampa at this stage coming out of our division. 5 teams can make it in the other division and after the draft Carolina had the leafs just helped them get even better quicker and if I had to bet money I’d say there’s good odds 5 teams will go the playoffs from that division next couple years anyways it’s all said and done now and we’re pretty much counting on green and Howard to stay healthy all year to get us assets at the deadline , we got nothing else coming our way
  11. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    I forgot the wings were still in the west when the deal happened, either way it seems like everyone but ken Holland was aware what a horrible trade that was when the deal occurred. We will never know either way 100% unless yzerman/Dubas says a better deal was on the table than the Carolina one but I’ll always believe till that day comes had we offered say a 3rd rd pick instead of the canes 6th we’d have won the marleau deal. Again a 26-31 pick is hardly a lock at being an nhl player and when all is said is done picking 100 spots earlier on the leafs end is a no brainer. I think some teams are realizing limiting themselves to trade with other divisions are doing themselves a disservice by knocking out 25% of trading partners right off the bat
  12. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    I’m well aware it was motivated by getting rid of the cap hit which is why they gave up a hefty price in that first rounder but they got back a 6th from Carolina to do so and I’m saying If we counter offered them with a 3rd pick instead I’m sure they’d have taken it regardless of us being in the same division . You have to take the best offer that’s best for your team at the end of the day, lets say the 63rd pick or 159? It shouldn’t even be something to think about think tampa Thought we can’t trade Erne to Detroit? What if he pops 30 and smashes stamkos into the boards and injures him? There’s no certainty that say 27th pick would ever play and besides the leafs don’t have to worry about the wings for another 2-3 years . Anyways it’s done now and can’t be undone but I think we blew an opportunity especially with all this cap space and we didn’t get any callahan’s Or anything to land us assets but instead filppula and nemeth. It’s been a dud of a summer when you consider the moves we could have done
  13. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    Well I don’t know if it’s a gift if we’re offering the better deal ? ... they got a 6th from the canes , I’d we were willing to say you know what take our 3rd rounder you think Dubas wouldn’t do it? and at the moment there isn’t much of a rival going on and like you said drafts are a roll of the dice so even if we get the 27th pick let’s say it doesn’t mean we can land a top guy so I think they’d have made the deal with us Yes I agree it takes years before we can see what happens with any teams picks but for me personally I like to swing for the fences , sure someone like grewe will probably be an Nhler and we’ll probably like him a lot but I like to go for the first line guys and go for it I like seider as well I’d just have preferred to have moved AA in a deal to get him and have podkolzin in a dream scenario , I think he’ll be a player for us but at 6 we need him to be really good not just a decent #3-4 who can put up 25 pts cause in my eyes I can already see podkolzin and Petersson tearing up the league together on the same line but anyways as you said it’s all a waiting game now
  14. nyqvististhefuture

    Grade The Offseason 2019: Yzerman's Opening Moves

    I love Stevie and he’s my fav player all time but gave him a C , now part of me thinks he’s purposefully trying to keep us bad to land a top 3 pick so I’m kind of ok with it but there’s stuff I wish he’d have done differently .... Patrick marleau , look I’m sorry but how does a well known cash strapped Carolina owner end up getting the first from the leafs ? Like wtf we had all this cap space and didn’t end up getting any extra assets ? Carolina gave up a 6th to land the first round pick , so offer a 4th instead ? Just get that first rounder in a crazy deep draft , that seriously pissed me off the 2019 draft , I was pissed on draft weekend ... not as much now but still bothered by it but I think he did what ken Holland ignored for years and tried to desperalty fix our d problem in one single draft . It’s been years we been lacking dmen and yes I’ll say it again imo I think we should of landed brannstrom over Rasmussen, I think if we had him maybe we’d have still have seider at 6 but I think we’d have gambled to land tuomisto in the 50s , point is not having any real top end dmen in our pipeline for years forced Stevie everyone knows how much of a fan of podkolzin I was and still am and wished we took him but was also pushing hard to make s deal to land seider, really wanted fagemo and bothered we passed on puistola and a few other guys , when I’m looking at the draft I’m always looking to go for a homerun pick and go for guys with high end upside . I mean maybe Albert johansen makes it And is a solid what #5 dman who doesn’t put up much points? But I’d have gambled it and taken someone else . Was pissed with grewe cause I saw puistola available still but I think he’ll be a player and a pest along bertuzzi so I’m ok with him. Anyways I’m satisfied enough with our prospect pool and I have no doubt after the 2019 draft we won’t be bulls***ting the fans in 2020 when we say we truly took the best player available in the draft anyways yzermans been there a short term so can’t complain too much yet , like the kaski signing and again I think he’s purposefully trying to tank but I wish he’d be able to land us marleau and add some guys on July 1 with the sole intention of trying to land back top picks for next draft and sadly right now mike green and Howard our only options which is beyond dissapointing
  15. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread, Pt. 2 - What's the Yzerplan?

    Your most likely right but I’m just hoping we can given he’s what 21? And I don’t think he’s really been given a bunch of ice time but hey I could be wrong ... maybe a team like Carolina with all those finn’s? Or maybe some conditional pick .. whatever again your probably right but with d’s especially I’m hoping for something From what I’ve seen and read he looks like he has nice upside is all I’m saying and if he makes the nhl it won’t be some plug in guy , he won’t be there checking guys and stuff he’ll be there as a playmaker and a guy who can produce trust me I’m the first guy to complain when we draft short guys but all I hear is how this is the new nhl and it doesn’t matter and stuff so for me personally I’m more excited at him at this point than say a Phillips who we drafted this year earlier on ,like you said man it’s a crapshoot and anyone pretty much rounds 4-7 is unknown I’m excited about him cause of his upside but I’m not gonna go crazy if he doesn’t make it cause like you mentioned those guys along with axelsson,Daniel larsson etc... I’ve been disappointed ... so cautiously optimistic , this will be a big year cause If he continues from the end of last season and dominates the Finnish league then there’s really reason to be pumped about him