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  1. nyqvististhefuture

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    Bettman is there to do what’s in the best interest of the league and owners?getting people to fill up that empty arena in nj I’m sure is a goal ,and can’t have n.y one of the biggest markets if not biggest be s*** for a very long time , not good for the arena your gonna actually pretend it was pure luck that the pens won crosby just when the team was on the verge of bankruptcy and relocation? Surely you can’t be that naive if they have nothing to hide then do the lottery live on tv Imagine counting on internet friends on a msg board not jump off a bridge imagine
  2. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Who’s got multiple seconds outside buff?anyway we can turn this s*** turd into like broberg and heinola? anyone have any opinions on Matthew Boldy? I liked what I seen but ignored him cause I was hoping we’d get a top 4 pick , he might be worth looking at now
  3. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Difference between price and Howard is small?lmao thats funny i couldn’t care less about analytic pie chart f***ers , I’m sure the coyotes are loving the strome deal among others they’ve made
  4. nyqvististhefuture

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    A closed doors lottery where the only people there is what weasel bettman and his sidekick? And we suppose to trust them? hardly
  5. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    I wasn’t a big fan of him before and now that you mentioned Rasmussen , if we take dach I’m looking for the nearest bridge
  6. We should have brannstrom in our prospect pool as we speak , baffles me that we been struggling for a dman since lidstrom and we pass on him or even Foote and Bali makin Cause Rasmussen is 6’5 guaranteed , if he was 6 we’d have passed on him I don’t think we can or buy out anyone at this point , I’d look to paying 50% of ericsson salary and dealing him but if kronwall returns we can’t trade his precious Swede and I don’t think we should be singing ufa’s at this stage but I already know Holland will do something stupid with that capspace , it’s a sure thing I’m not surprised devils won they gotta help fill up that arena , probably helping out n.y since it’s a big market and hawks probably wanna help them get back in all I know is there’s zero chance there’s no shenanigans going on , this s*** is done behind closed doors .... there’s no moment with bettman pulling out the balls showing the 1-3 winners , id bet it’s bettman and Daly with that cameraman showing bettman next to the balls smiling like a big loser and then he kicks out the camera man and he and bill daily fix s*** up
  7. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Ya ill pass , rather take the d at that point or the supposed superstar goalie I’m not really excited about any of those minus zegras who I think will be gone ... hasn’t been talk of goalies going in the first round in many years so there’s reason to believe this kid is legit
  8. Because this goalie is suppose to be a bonafied stud?compared to price and the king and I don’t want a nice second line guy after this s*** turd of season we got , I want a guy who can be a star difference maker elite guy and like you said he’s projected later hence why trade back get an extra pick and take the goalie and if Larsson becomes a stud even better and we have one heck of a trade chip to bargain for a potential top d, this isn’t the outcome I wanted , if we stayed at 4 I’d be ok ,not thrilled but ok but at this point I’m sadly looking more forward to our 2nd round picks and hoping we get a gem or 2 than our 6th we can laugh about knight being a 6th pick but price was also 5th and worked out fine so if we can land a second in the 30-40 range I’d consider It we will probably draft 6th most likely but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we traded back and got an extra pick and took like soderstrom if byram is gone ... tonight was brutal If we lost one more we’d have hughes
  9. Doubt the hawks pass on him though , can’t see it
  10. nyqvististhefuture

    2019 Draft

    Ya I don’t want him , it’s pretty disappointing night and I can’t see byram or podkolzin being available at 6 and most likely neither will zegras id just consider getting the stud #1 goalie in knight at this point if he’s truly suppose to be a price and lundqvist and a future stud goalie as I’m hearing and get an extra pick , not what I wanted by far but I want a star player with this pick and not a second line guy , we got a bunch of those coming
  11. Imagine thinking winning meaningless hockey games wouldn’t matter After sucking all year minus 2 weeks those aren’t the type of players I’d want for a disaster of a season , tonight’s a disappointment ... can’t see byram or podkolzin being available
  12. Holland is staying till 2032 haven’t you heard? hes signing frans Nielsen’s third cousin from denmark
  13. Trade back and take Knight done look forward to next season when we get 12th overall and stay put
  14. Gotta get some fans back in New Jersey to see games ... Florida sucks next year and they get a pick
  15. Soooo basically I was right and we should have kept losing and stayed under the devils and we’d have won it all , f*** this s*** man A horrible season for nothing , can’t see byram sticking around at 6 so I’d really just trade back and get more picks , this is just brutal f*** detroit is the new Edmonton minus the first overall picks