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  1. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Anyone who's buying Hollands bs is a fool , Hollands Basically couldn't accept that mrazek went to arbitration , this wasn't a hockey move , all personal anyone actually believes were turning s*** around with holland and blashill are delusional , were not going to compete for another decade
  2. Rumors Thread

    What past two seasons???this is his second , and he had 13 last year and at this point it be a miracle if he hit 20 and more than likely a 10-15 range guy jensen is a better skater yes but ouellet is smarter and more dependable and it's not like he's a slow f*** .... Anyways I'd much rather keep both and trade green,daley,ericsson but itll never happen
  3. Rumors Thread

    Well in my opinion I think it's not even close on the flipside , think ouellet is more reliable,smarter and has more compet, yes Jensen is a better skater but I've seen him cause some turnovers cause of it , and you say he's much better offensively and can move the puck but he's got a whole 9 points , at this rate itll be a miracle if he ever gets 20+ pts think ouellet will have a longer career but I also think both won't be long for Detroit , guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the two
  4. Rumors Thread

    Rather keep a ouellet over jensen , he's more a reliable dman ... For a guy who was suppose to be more offensive jensen doesn't have much production and is a -7 where as ouellet is even http://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1080012/xavier-ouellet-canadien-montreal-marc-bergevin-red-wings-detroit-lnh french sites going nuts though haha ....id consider a ouellet mccaron flip
  5. Rumors Thread

    Heard jack Johnson wants a trade and bluejackets were dissapointed cause they were looking to make some noise any chance they'd consider Ericsson ? Has 2 more years left and I'm sure others around the league would think more highly than us the fans. , maybe a ericsson and late pick for Johnson and a 3rd ? Then ship Johnson for something like a 2nd and 5th??? Watching islanders and they just blew a 2-0 lead , I'm sure they'd consider Howard , if they got some goaltending they could make some noise
  6. Rumors Thread

    Tatar has less goals this yr but I find he's more of a scorer than nyquist and Gus's 8 pts in 35 playoff games doesn't give me confidence can see us keeping Gus though since he's more of a 2way guy Halak and a 2nd for Howard ?? i think it's most likely bs although I never stopped believing in mrazek and he's also 8-9 yrs younger so I'd much prefer holding on to him
  7. Rumors Thread

    Rather keep Tatar , don't know why you'd be willing to let him go for only a second , put him in Pitts,Edm,chi type teams he gets 30-35 easy
  8. Wings players with no trade clauses

    Was looking at our roster to see who we might be able to ship off and it seems that our stupid gm just gives no trade clauses to anyone that asks anyone know the exact details of these clauses concerning specific players ??? like if we wanted to trade green we can trade him but he can say like 10 teams he won't go to??
  9. 2017-18 Lines Thread

    Id try tatar Larkin mantha AA zetterberg frk abdelkader Nielsen nyquist wilson helm glendening z is 37 and should drop down a line and drop a few minutes while playing with AA and frk and have them learn from being around him , mantha and Larkin are ready for bigger roles
  10. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Wow we let Paterson go? Don't know how I missed that f***, much rather of kept him over McCollum and overhyped giant Coreau , he had some potential if I recall oh well
  11. Ryan Sproul traded for Matt Puempel

    Ya holland needs to go , like frk sproul never really got a shot instead opting for waste of space Ericsson and Daley , outside green we have zero offensive dmen , puempel is garbage so we just released sproul in my eyes also believe we should have got a 2nd or 3rd alone for sheahan without losing a pick and taking on another 4th liner ... We have turgeon bertuzzi svechnikov coming , wtf do we need Wilson for?? Hope our idiot gm trades him at the deadline
  12. Alex galchenyuk - should we make a move ?

    I think she wasn't invited and went apes*** ? Hahaha don't recall it 100% I don't wanna jinx mantha and Larkin
  13. Alex galchenyuk - should we make a move ?

    I wouldn't put too much thought into Julien .... He chased kessel and seguin out of boston i don't believe galchenyuk is a problem child , think he's just mentally checked out of Montreal , kid can score 30+
  14. Alex galchenyuk - should we make a move ?

    He's playing on a 4th line now and his value is nothing right now , I'm from Montreal and I'd say he's gone downhill since the media went on him cause he had some girl he was seeing show up at his house party arrested (something like that ) anyways point is is this kid can shoot and score would anyone do a nyquist for galchenyuk trade ????
  15. 2017/18 reclamation project

    Give yakupov a shot , cost is cheap and upside is there , nothing to lose