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  1. 2017/18 reclamation project

    Give yakupov a shot , cost is cheap and upside is there , nothing to lose
  2. 2017 Draft

    Seeing the wings obsession with coreau and his stupid size we shouldn't be surprised by this pick, although he's the one guy I was hoping they wouldn't pick especially with our glaring need at d and right after foote,brannstrom,liljegren(f***en leafs) and valimaki all crossed off the board, the way this teams being ran, I'm not to optimistic about today , maybe we strike gold with some unknown European cause right now I see a 6'6 future 3rd liner
  3. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Ya I just came on to say the same thing , can't believe they dealt Theodore ...shocked , doubt Vegas would deal Theodore
  4. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Don't worry you can enjoy Howard until he gets hurt again 3 weeks in
  5. Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Clearly Howard
  6. Looking ahead at expansion draft

    It would be so ken holland to trade for washed up enstrom
  7. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Only 33?only? s*** Howard's never done anything his whole career but after a 25 game stretch his career will now skyrocket at the tender age of 33 your aware I was talking about mrazek right?howard has 4 more yrs probably if he's lucky ....At least we'll get first overall with howard/Coreau
  8. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    And Howard's closer to retirement so give me pavelec over retirement any day
  9. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    The good thing about possibly having a Howard/coreau tandem is we'll likely land 1st overall and holland will get fired
  10. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    If they land fleury no chance they'll commit 10 mill To goalies, have to worry about another team wanting mrazek but I can't see anyone giving up a first gotta ask if Vegas wants a 2nd or sheahan who'd likely also get a 2nd?gives them a former 6'3 1st round center and maybe draft a pickard for Arizona or Vancouver instead ? gotta think Vegas takes fleury grubauer and ullmark for minors , maybe Raanta as the backup or most likely as a trade chip, can't see them taking him on for themselves when he can walk away at seasons end and wouldn't get much at the deadline
  11. 2017 Draft

    f*** , I really like branstromm, hopefully we can somehow land another pick
  12. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Same s*** , he has no explanation cause there's none to give , only way to save his stupidity is if fleury is available fleury Raanta grubauer , or fleury grubauer korpisalo ...taking fleury and mrazek would be almost 10 mill committed to goalies and flames just got smith , not really anyone looking for a goalie except maybe Arizona? i was willing to trade sheahan for a second rather than lose him for nothing but with mrazek ouellet out there I'd be more than fine losing sheahan now especially with the kids coming
  13. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Holland said he had no explanation to give for leaving mrazek exposed , that's cause he has no valid reason other than being a dumbass that so obsessed with a 33 yr old goalie who's never done anything and a 6'6 goalie who sucks im done defending holland his best days are way behind him and he need some to get fired, only way we'll get better ... Let's hope Vegas lands fleury and saves us from disaster move
  14. Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Just worried if we got rid of Ericsson holland would give another stupid signing to someone we don't need , rather save the money for when the times needed and we can land someone impactful ... Not a fan of ericsson but at this point he has 2 more yrs , suffer another season or trade him now with some of his salary, but we both know it won't happen
  15. Looking ahead at expansion draft

    If we had cap space holland would sign girardi for 5 yrs , I'm more hopeful of trading a sheahan for a second rather than losing him for nothing ...or trading green to edm for a top pick and protect ouellett and sproul or trading for a dumba type we don't have top end talent to protect from Vegas to just give away a 1-3rd pick