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  1. Probably a 4th and a 6th ? If stone can get 2 picks surely smith can as well, I do believe top teams will be desperate for d depth and we'll benefit , see smith landing in pittsburgh or winnipeg this goes out to everyone ... Is there anyone from the 2017 ufa class that we might land for a one year deal that we might turn to a good trade deadline bait like we did with vanek this season?
  2. If he goes through waivers again do we reclaim him like we did frk or we just let him go?
  3. What do you guys think we can fetch for some of our players ?i seen some mentions of either a first or 2nd for vanek, do some of you think we can get multiple picks for a vanek,smith? considering what liles,stempniak,staal got last year is it impossible think to think we can land say a 2016 3rd rounder + 5th rounder 2017 for smith? 2 2nds for vanek,or a 2nd and 3rd? When you look back at last year and see those prices and guys like roman polak landing 2 2nds, how can you not think we can't get a good return? thinking mike green at this point could fetch us a 1st and 2nd although I'd consider hanging on to him for next years trade deadline in the hopes of landing a first since it'll be a better draft year
  4. Ya I'm not heartbroken we didn't get chychrun, just remember laughing at teams thinking they could blackmail us into trading top prospects to trade datsyuks contract to help teams like Arizona who don't spend i said at the time we should just suck it up for a year and give some kids more playing time , looking back we should of done just that , jurco AA mantha would be better off right now, we'd have chychrun as mentioned who looks like will be an nhler where as cholowski is uncertain and more importantly we wouldn't have Nielsen, that contract will kill us in a few years ... Holland really needs to step down, he's got no clue what he's doing anymore , I always defended him but now I'm starting to see holland as a fraud our big guys growing up were all drafted ....hull/robitaille/hossa all wanted to come here cause we were winning so holland had no factor was holland here when we got draper for 1$?? The only thing I can think of right now that he's ever done was the shanahan/hasek/chelios/Murphy deals that were made 17-20years ago so for 2 decades he's basically done f*** all that i can think of
  5. Just pray Dallas don't get fleury , maybe we can trade Howard with half his salary
  6. Great, so we basically have no chance of trading him in the offseason now and a slim chance Vegas claims him another Holland contract that handcuffs us
  7. Ya I'd protect ouellet dekeyser sproul as well ....I swear to god if they protect Ericsson kronwall can be made to understand the situation I believe , especially given the fact he's always been hurt ( can even put a "story" out there he might have to consider whether he needs to retire or not ) that means we trade green or he'd get claimed , either that or trade a 5-7th pick for Vegas not to claim green or sproul
  8. G. Smith isn't coming for a while , svechnikov needs to stay down,bertuzzi can come down last 10-15 depending on moves we make im ok with keeping green, he can be a good trade chip next season when the draft will be better , but if we won't protect he needs to be gone Agreed on mrazek and the kids playing more , wish we could trade Ericsson , just pay half his salary I just want him gone
  9. K calmed down , my money's on Coreau thanks for that
  10. He should have been given that chance along time ago it's too bad is a dickhead
  11. It's just one game but tonight was the perfect example of why getting rid of mrazek would be moronic and a huge mistake hes got the "it" factor ... Blashill needs to stop being a douchebag and feed him a few more consecutive starts now to get him going (which he should have done along time ago )
  12. Sproul should be playing over kronwall,Ericsson,smith ... Marchenko could have as well this is why I always said to bring in a few guys at a time rather than everyone in one shot , Ken holland is the one that created this Gigantic mess , by extending Ericsson and not bringing jensen and ouellet in Sooner
  13. Tried finding out on Twitter , but no news as of yet
  14. Time will tell what happens with holmstrom ,itll take years to see what becomes of these guys, we traded for sadowy and turgeon and they might not be anything special either had a feeling leafs would claim marchenko when I saw the leafs dcore last night when I looked around + Babcock connection anyone know how many teams put in a claim?
  15. I would be really surprised if he clears , dmen are always high in demand and he's 25 and right handed and he really hasn't had enough games to determine if his career is over think he gets picked quite early by like Arizona , thanks for the heads up I'll check dreggers tweets as for hakan Anderssen , I was thinking about how long it's been since he drafted a gem when I wrote it and yes it's been a while, guess im just hopeful ... I think ryno could have been an NHL player(not saying a star)but wanted to go back home,some people just don't wanna do the ahl route as for axel holmstrom maybe I'm naive but I think there's something there , maybe it's nostalgia with the last name or breaking the sedin twins record for the playoffs , at the least I'm hopeful he can be a good bottom 6 who really steps up his game in the playoffs (we can always use that) i for one am looking forward to seeing him come down next year